The Life Of Me

This book is an insight as to what life is like for me. You will exprience the things I go through from day to day and live them like you are me.


4. 31/3/16

Its been too long but life happens. Sometimes when you are on a rollercoaster, you plan on taking these crazy photos of every moment on that so you can capture it but you get swept away and lost and forget all about it because your too busy focusing on enjoying the ride and stuff. And thats exactly what happens in life. And thats whats happened to me.

Life has been very interesting for me.

I'm in Uni now. And its very different from high school and now i understand when people say they wish they could go back to high school. Because thats what i wish. I miss the routine life of high school. I miss the bell, recess and stuff. 

But its okay. Depending on what you are doing, it can be easier or harder. Its both for me. I am taking math again for my course and its harder than high school math but only by a little.

I am supposed to be doing an assignment right now that is due tonight but I'm taking a break because its hard. And its hard to find any information for it.

To say my life has been interesting is actually an understatement. I never realised how hard it was to find a job. 

I actually need one so bad. I am slowly going broke and my parents aren't giving me anymore money. Which is far enough because i can't live of them forever.

I might have an interview. I just have to remind them I'm looking for a job so I am handing my resume into them again. Because. I. Am. Desperate. I need money 

Well, better get back to this assignment. I'll talk tomorrow...depends on how busy i am.

- Danii xo

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