The Life Of Me

This book is an insight as to what life is like for me. You will exprience the things I go through from day to day and live them like you are me.


1. 2/6/15

So I am pretty good at writing in diaries however, I just seem to forget to most of the time. It's only, what, 8:47 am and something worth writing about has already happened.

Again, I am very forgetful so no surprise...I left my laptop at home today. Yup, no surprise. Not. At. All. It usually wouldnt bother me however...I don't bring textbooks to school anymore. They take up too much space in my bag and makes it really heavy so I thought 'why not get them on your laptop!' so I did.

So now, I need that laptop today. Because I have maths and my textbook for it is on my laptop.

So I am in a bit of a dilemma. Luckily, my mum works from home and she might drop it in. If she wants too. She probably wont.

So, yeah. I guess I'll write again sometime today and let you know if my mum wanted to be awesome or mean...

How do you finish an entry??

I guess I'll just end it with...

   -   Danielle

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