The Life Of Me

This book is an insight as to what life is like for me. You will exprience the things I go through from day to day and live them like you are me.


3. 11/06/15


Long time no...write??

So currently obsessed with a series that is frustrating. You ever read a series with a love triangle and like you're like 'OMG THIS ONE IS NOT FOR YOU BECAUSE...' Actually, the main in this book is a slut big time without meaning it!! She's a vampire right, so when she is turned into one, her ex who is a human cant get over her and he accidently cuts himself and she drinks it therefore imprinting which is horrible because now she cant break up with him, then there's the teacher and he is wrong in so many ways!! First; he's using her for information and is like not really in love her. Second; relationships with teachers are wrong even though there is some fine teachers in my school. And lastly; if they do end up with a teacher it will always, always end badly.

And then there is the boy who is so right for. Like he's her age, he's just Changed into an adult vampire and has made him so much more sexy and just there isnt anything wrong with being him!! But nooooo, he walks in on her and the teacher after they had sex and bam there goes that relationship!! Also, the human one is over because during the little sex session with the teacher they imprinted replacing the first one. So goodbye human relationship!! And guess what?? LIKE DAYS AFTER SHE REALISES THE TEACHER IS A BASTARD HE DIES!!!! So no more relationships for her!!

I thought I should vent a bit!!

Well, I'm going now. 

 - Danii xo


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