Loving Danger[Z.M & H.S Au]

Melanie was a girl with a broken past that pushed her far away from home and to England, where she's studying to become a Artists and photographer. Along the the way she meets a couple of guys that'll change her life forever.


1. Loving Danger

  Im only telling you this story so you'll know not everyone will have a happy ending. A happy ending with a two-story house picket white fence, kids and a dog or cat.
  Life isn't anything like that, it'll never be like that. It's either you fight for the things you want or just watch as they past you by and keep moving on. I still remember the day everything changed, just a few days right before Christmas and I was out wondering around the city, watching as everyone around me carried a smile on their faces.
  A man and woman stood in front of me holding each other tightly keeping each other warm as snowflakes fell down upon them. In my mind, I started to think what it would be like if I had someone to hold me, but quickly dismissed that thought. Why would I even think such a thing like that. No one wants me or ever want me.
  Thats what I thought until I met the man who'll have me on the edge of sanity with every step we take together.   ​Kindly comment if  you want  me to continue.
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