Loving Danger[Z.M & H.S Au]

Melanie was a girl with a broken past that pushed her far away from home and to England, where she's studying to become a Artists and photographer. Along the the way she meets a couple of guys that'll change her life forever.


4. Chapter 3

|Dec 23 4:00 p.m|      

My gaze continuously flicks to door every time I heard a sound or someone talking. I've debated on whether not to go out and see what's going on, but my conscious tells me I'll regret it if I do.     


It's so tiring just sitting and waiting here, I get up off the bed and walk to the door lightly pressing my ear to it. I hear them talking, but I'm not sure about what?     "It's not that hard. Just make the switch. We'll have the money." A unknown voice spoke. I couldn't internally make out the next voice, but it sounded like a woman.      


"No," That was Zayns voice. It sound deeper with an icy tone to it.  


"Come on, Malik. We do this deal and we'll retire richer than we are now." The other voice pleaded.     


"No." Harry says, but his voice sound closer than the others. I look down seeing a shadow pass under the door and step back slowly. I watched the handle jiggle before it opens completely. I let a breath out I didn't even know I was holding, Harry walked into closing the door behind me.   


"Harry, what the hell is going on?!" I whisper/yell at him glaring daggers at him.   


"Work. Just stay in-" Harry's interrupted by a loud bang that shakes through the walls. All the blood leave my face and run cold as a thought of what that could've been. "Terrible sorry for this." He forcefully slaps a cloth over my mouth, I struggle trying to push him away from me, but complete darkness comes to quickly.      


|Unknown Area|    


I groan trying to move my hands, but they're tied behind my back as well my legs. "Somebody!" I yelled thrashing around in what I guess is a truck. My body jerked forward as the vehicle stopped and the truck opened. I looked up into icy brown eyes showing nothing, but hate in them. He reached for me and I tired moving away before he dragged me out on the car and tossing me into ground.     


He grabbed my legs before long Harry came around his expression completely blank as he lift me up off the ground. Why was this happening to me? I looked already the place for any signs of basically anything. There was nothing, no roads, signs, houses. Nothing, complete isolation.       


Harry dropped me on the ground in an uncaring manner along with Zayn.  I rolled over so I could sit up and not lay on my back. "Melanie," Zayn called, but I kept my gaze toward my lap. Fuck him if he thinks I'm going to listen.  


"Melanie, babe. Don't be that way. Were still going to have good times together. You'll still be able to finish college, just with one of us with you everywhere you go until your father- What does my father have to do with any of this? He's dead! What are you going to go grave hopping!" I snapped glaring that them both with so much hate.    


Zayn just started chuckling out of know where, "Your father, sweetheart isn't dead. In fact he's in Washington with his 'new' family sipping egg nog." I shook my head  not believing a word.    


"We buried him- You buried a empty casket. Sorry, mummy never told you. Daddy left because he was banging his new wife behind your mums back." I shook my head fighting back the tears, "Your lying! My dad is dead! Your a liar!" I screamed at him. "Zayn ease up some?" Harry said pushing Zayn back.    


"Truth hurts doesn't." Zayn yelled before a loud slam echoed through the room. "Melanie, don't take what's happening personal it's only  business." Harry says, "Fuck off." I say through gritted teeth.      


|Unknown Date|    


My eyes shot open hearing footsteps and soon I'm lifted off the cold cement floor and on to a bag is pulled over my head. I don't fight back basically I have no strength to fight back. Sleeping with your arms and legs tired together isn't very comfortable.  


I tossed into something hard were I feel someone pull at me and my first instinct is pull away. "Don't fight." It's a females voice, there's a girl in all of this crap.       


I could feel the vibrations in the vehicle moving as it started moving. I moved my wrist around trying to loosen them, but it's no use. It's Boy Scout knotted, I sighed and pulled my legs to my chest. The drive wasn't that long at all. The van doors opened allowing light to come through the bag over my head. I feel someone grabs both sides of my arms dragging me out. The bag is ripped off my head and I blinked a few times before I could see clearly. Zayn stood in front of me with some girl hugged up against him, I glared at him really wanting to kick his fucking teeth out.  


"Welcome to your new home." He says that damn smirk showing on his face. I looked behind him seeing a warehouse and scoffed. "Go to hell," I spat hatefully toward him. My head swiped to the side feeling the sting to my cheek.   


That bitch slapped me, "I don't who you are, but you won't talk to Zayn that way ever or I'll mess that pretty little face of yours." Oh she's going down. 

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