Loving Danger[Z.M & H.S Au]

Melanie was a girl with a broken past that pushed her far away from home and to England, where she's studying to become a Artists and photographer. Along the the way she meets a couple of guys that'll change her life forever.


3. Chapter 2

| Dec 23. 7:00 a.m|   Some good news. Harry's friend woke up, and he's not to happy either. "Guy, dude whatever your damn name is sit down!" I irritatedly hissed, he glared at me and I swear if looks could kill I'd be died right about now. My patience is really running thin now. 

  I've gotten no sleep, my head is killing me and now I have to deal with this guy, because supposedly Harry had class now. "Hey!" I jumped slightly seeing the guy snapping his fingers at me.

  "Where am I?" he asked scrunching his eyes brows together, "You're in Harry's and I dorm, now kindly sit down! I haven't finished cleaning up your cuts." his gaze turned cold, just like in the café.  

 "Sit down." I pointed to the couch holding his gaze. "Your annoying." He spoke before taking a seat. "Well your an ass." I countered grabbing disinfecting spray and gauges. 

  "Lift your arms up." He just stares at me and I pinch the bridge of my nose sighing deeply.  

"Look the more you cooperate the faster, we don't have to see each other ever again and I the faster I can go back to sleep. So kindly lift your damn arms." A sly smirk appeared on his lips. Why did I get this feeling as if this won't be going my way.  

"Stop." I hissed as I continued trying to bandaged his side.  

"Your a control freak." He shot back.  

"No, I'm not. your Immature a guy who's in his twenties." I totally just guessed his age, right now. Although he can't be far from the number, right?  

"Twenty-one, smart ass." 

  "Oh such a big difference." I rolled my eyes at him, "Whats your name?" he asked out of the blue. "I'm now telling you." I say cleaning up the first-aid kit.   "Why's that?" he urged on. "This will be the last time we see each other. Good-bye, now get out." I plainly say taking the kit back into the bathroom.

    "I can't leave, until Harry comes back." I don't even have to look at him to tell he was smirking or not.  

"You're not staying here because one, Harry won't be back till tonight and two, I have class on two hours which give me no time to sleep." I pushed past him and entered my room taking out something to wear.  

A gray sweats, white crop top, hoodie and a pair of vans. Perfect. I thought before my thoughts were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.  

"Can I help you?" I asked looking over my shoulder seeing him staring at me. 

  "I remember who you are now!?" I gulped and shook my head at him, "Your the chick from the café yesterday that kept staring at me." That totally doesn't make me sound like a creeper, "I wasn't staring at you." He raises his brow not believing a word that I was saying, "I wasn't! You are the last thing I really want to ever look at." His expression stayed the same, which just pissed me off. I grabbed my cloths and moved past him going into the bathroom and locking the door.  


|Dec 23. 8:32 a.m|  

I sighed running my fingers through my hair, classes are canceled all because of the snow storm. I'm stuck in this food less dorm alone. Well not completely alone, that guy is still here. But i'm not counting him thou. he's a annoying. 

  The front door opened and Harry rushed in bringing snow with him on his brown boots. "Man, its crazy out there." He spoke rubbing his hands together in attempt to warm himself up. "You owe me 20.25 for me dealing with you butt faced friend. " I said with a straight face, "Babe, my room and i'll pay you as much you want," I stared at Harry blinking a few times. Even though I officially met Harry yesterday, I'm just wonder if he's like this with every single girl. 

  "Harry, are you a call boy ?" I asked rather bluntly, he looked as if he was actually thinking about the question. "No, I'm not. It's normal to have healthly sex life." Can't argue with him there, "Well, since I have no classes. I'm going to bed. See ya Harry..." I turned to him, "And it."   

|Dec 23. 2:12 p.m|  

"Blackjack, pay up." I looked at the boys seeing there frustrated expressions of me kicking their asses for the fifth time in Blackjacks. "You cheated." Zayn snapped at me, I rolled my eyes at him. "Don't be a sore loser and pay me my money." I glared at him shuffling up the cards again. "No, I don't take sex either, Harry." I say looking at Harry out the corner of my eye. "I know, here." He handed me a ten, which happily took. "I want a redo." Zayn grumbled, a knock came to the door and I got up about to open it when Harry pulls me back.

  "I'll get it, go to your room." I look at him questionable, but don't argue againt what he says since 'Dark' Harry is present at the moment.  Zayn is standing right behind him his jaw clenched rather tightly, his eyes cold just like the snow that falls right now. "Lock your door."He says to me. What the hell? It's just someone at the door, their seriously making something out of nothing.  So I thought.  

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