Fallen love


4. the gift

We were on a picnic his brown hair flowing in the wind sparkling like a phone light catching ur eye to blind you. From the corner of my eye I saw him pull out a little purple box wrapped carefully in a light pink bow.

" hey " he said nervously " I have a gift for u," " you really didn't have to get me something!" " of corse I do..... I LOVE YOU" I started to blush no one has ever said that to me " I love u too." He wrapped his hand around mine putting the pretty box in mine.

I open it up my heart skipped another beat but differently then the first time I say him. He took it out of my hands and wrapped it around my neck, carefully brushing my hair and puttng on my neck. " promise me to never take it off " " I promise."

I press my lips against his my body filling of hope that this is my true lover!!!

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