What i like about you

I live in California when I have to move


1. meeting the boys

lauryns pov:: I just moved to Australia and I'm super excited. I go next door to meet the neighbors. A tall brown headed tanned boy who i must say is very attractive. "hi, im lauryn and i just moved in next door."

"well nice to meet you lauryn.. i'm calum but you can  call me cal

" ok well nice to meet you."

" wait!!!! do you want to come in and meet everyone?"

"yea sure"

Cals POV: I was sitting on the couch when a knock on the door comes through. When i open the door a very attractive girl is standing there. I invite her in. "Guys this is my new neighbor lauryn."

"Hi nice to meet you guys"

"Hi i'm luke and this is , ashton but you can call him ash, and this is michael but you can call him mikey

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