The Mines

Have YOU grabbed the flags of glory?


2. Prolouge

“Elsa, stop!” Ash yelled through the swirling white.  “It’s just me, Ash!”  The storm stopped and whiteness was whisked away.  “Self-defense.  Sorry Ash.”  Elsa had stopped twirling.  The snow was completely gone.  Ash was shivering.  Anna whispered, “Let’s get you in front of the fire.  Your cold.  Here, I’ll get you something warm.”  “TORCHIC!  WE HAVE A SHIVERING SOMEONE OUT HERE!” Elsa screamed.  “Dang it!  She beat me to it.” Anna muttered under her breath.  A torchic came scurrying out of castle and quietly slipped itself into Ash’s shirt.  The heat was warm enough to keep Ash from shivering, but not enough to suffice.  Pikachu helped Ash get to the castle before he froze to death, and once the doors closed silently behind them, a tepig, a pignite, and an emboar came running up. (The emboar kept his fiery chin away from Ash, but not enough to keep the heat away from him too, of course.) The three pokēmon guided Ash to a fire, while the torchic finally fell asleep.  The fire was warm enough to keep Ash warm, while somehow he was persuaded to drink some chamomile tea.  Pikachu, however, was nowhere to be seen….

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