The Mines

Have YOU grabbed the flags of glory?


7. Chapter 5: Waking Up: Mew

So, yeah, we saved Ash, Malishka, Anna, Elsa, Billy, Zoroark, Olaf, and I, but we still had to wake them up.  Anna bent down by Elsa’s head.  “WAKE UP!” she screamed.  It woke Elsa up, but Billy and Zoroark just turned over in their sleep.  I bent down by Zoroark and did the same thing Anna did.  I must have been louder than her, because Zoroark jumped so high he bonked his head on the ceiling.  “What was that for?” he complained.  “I had to wake you up.”  I answered.  “Fair enough.”  Then Zoroark let out an earsplitting shriek that sent Billy through the roof.

“Jeez, Zoroark, you don’t have to screech.”


“Don’t you use that tone with me!”

“What are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t think you deserve to be a pokémon that can talk to humans.”

“Well, I didn’t pick my destiny, my mother did!”

The room paused after that last remark“Look, we’re all a little grouchy because we didn’t get enough sleep last night, but that’s no reason to take it out on other people!” I intervened quickly.  Zoroark doesn’t like talking about his mother.  “What about Anna and Elsa?  They had to WATCH that.  If I hadn’t intervened, they would’ve, and that argument went on way too long.  Both of you say you’re sorry, and absolutely DO NOT say it like Zoroark did.”  “We’re sorry.”  Billy and Zoroark chimed in together.  Zoroark silently thanked me with his eyes.  “What’s going to happen to the roof?”  “Oh, don’t worry.”  Anna replied.  “Billy, I want you to create a beautiful fountain out of glowstone.”  Billy obeyed, thinking that it was strange.  “Do you want me to leave the top open or put water in and close it?”  Billy asked.  “Leave it open.”  She replied.  “I want you to get up to the hole in the roof.  When I turn into a simipour, I want you to turn the water I shoot up into minecraft water.”  Billy flew up to the roof.  “I’m ready!” he called down.  Anna turned into a simipour.  She shot water up and Billy turned it into minecraft water.  It was a good thing he built the fountain floating over a glowstone pool, because not only was water going into the fountain, but all around it.  Soon there was a glowing pool AND a glowing fountain.  “Anna, that was awesome!” Elsa exclaimed.  Billy floated down through the minecraft water.  “I never would’ve thought THAT was your plan.  That was brilliant!” Anna and Elsa looked at each other, both wondering the same things: why did he praise Anna?, and, should we jump in the pool?  They nodded at each other.  They walked up to the edge of the pool, jumped, and yelled, “Cannonball!”.  However, once they reached the water and made a splash, they started to drown.  Billy sighed and went after them.  He dragged them both out of the water.  The first indicator that something was wrong was the fact that they were not wet.  The second indicator was that there was no water in their lungs.  The third indicator was that they were unconscious.  The fourth indicator was that their eyes had turned as pink as the blush they were wearing, which,

surprisingly, did not wash off while they were in the pool.  I figure that something weird was about to happen right about now.  Their eyes flew open and they stood up, their irises still pink.  Their voices were the weirdest part, though.  They were now identical voices: deep and commanding, ringing with an untold power.  “Give us the power of minecraft, Mew.”

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