The Mines

Have YOU grabbed the flags of glory?


6. Chapter 4: The Rescue: Elsa

“Mew!  Time for plan B.”  Anna commanded.  “What’s plan B?  Try to kill me?  HAHAHAHAHA!  Amusing.”  laughed Nightmare Moon.  The laugh sounded almost….amused, but something wasn’t quite right.  Anna sighed.  “I wish I didn’t have to do this, but I have no other choice.”  “Anna, no!”  Elsa pleaded.  “Stay back, Elsa.”  Anna comforted.  Elsa watched helplessly from inside the floating bubble as Anna turned into Mew and flew face to face with Nightmare Moon.  “Leave us alone, Malishka!”  Once Anna had chanted Malishka, Nightmare Moon started to have light shine out from inside her.  “Leave me alone!” cried the little pegasi named Malishka.  She did not have any fangs at all.  In fact, she looked just like the little pegasi she was before the anger issues.  Billy’s eyeballs flew back into his head.  “I can see where I am again!”  “Malishka.”  Anna had transformed back into her original form.  “Anna!  What happened?”  “You transformed into Nightmare Moon, took Billy’s eyeballs and tried to kill Ash.”  “Oh no!  I have to find the potion that stops people from going delirious.”  “He’s going delirious, Malishka.  Do you have the potion that makes them sane again?”  “Of course I do.  It’s right here.”  She pulled a potion out of her knapsack.  “Here.  Give this to him and don’t let him eat or drink for 24 hours.  It will make him extremely hungry and extremely thirsty.  That means it’s working.  If he eats or drinks, it dispels the potion and he’ll stay delirious.”  “Got it.  Come with us.”  Mew flew down and picked them both up.  Everybody but Mew, Anna, and Malishka were asleep.  Anna looked down through the floor of the green bubble.  “Olaf!”  “Hi!  Can I come with you?”  “I was just going to ask if you would come with us.”  Mew floated down again and picked up Olaf.  “Now we’ve got to get to the castle.”  So Mew finally went back to the castle and set them down.  “You guys were light as a feather.  I don’t know why I worried that I wouldn’t be able to carry your weight.”  Mew purred.  Ash was still asleep.  “Let’s just hope we got here in time.” Anna muttered.  “We have to get him inside.”  Mew carried everyone to the living room and gently laid down everyone on the floor.  After that, he picked up Ash from the floor and followed Anna into a locked room with no windows, just lights, where they woke up Ash.  “What the heck is going on?  I’m not a prisoner.” Ash raged.  “Here, drink this.” Anna comforted.  Ash drank the potion.  Anna and Mew walked out the door and locked it.  “Well, now we just have to wait till 7:47 a.m. tomorrow to check on him.  Right now, we have to wake up the others.”

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