The Mines

Have YOU grabbed the flags of glory?


5. Chapter 3: The Minecraftinator: Anna

Click click click click FOOM!  “Finally.  It’s cold in here.  Good night, Elsa.” “Good night, Anna.”  The castle was quiet.  All was good until, five hours later, there was a terrifying shriek.  “Ahhhhhhh!!!!” “Anna, are you all right?” “Yes.  Except for the fact that somebody set our castle on fire.” “WHAT!?!?” “Oshawott’s putting out the fire right now.  It started at the head of my bed.” “I can’t believe someone put our castle on fire.  Especially next to your bed.” “I know!  It’s unrealistic.” “That’s for sure.”  Our emboar came in and kept me warm for the rest of the night, and there were no more fires.  Little did we know that the fire was started by Mew impersonating the minecraftinator.  The minecraftinator was widely famous around the region.  We’ll soon know why.

    “Ugh.  What happened to you last night?  You were already up.” I yawned and asked at the same time.  “I got thirsty.  Your hair looks like you got hit by a truck.” Elsa answered honestly.  “I feel like I got hit by a truck.” I replied tiredly. “Well, that explains your ‘Ugh’.”  Elsa giggled.  There was a knock on the door.  “I know it was summer when this last happened, but I will still say it.  Not again!” “It’s winter, Anna, and besides, it might be Zoroark and Mew coming to check in on us.” “GET OUTTA MY WAY!!!!” “Oh no you don’t!”  Elsa trapped me in a dome of ice.  “Why did you do that?” “What if it’s the guy who attacked us last night?” “GET THE DOOR AWAY FROM ME!”I shrieked.    Elsa let me out of the dome.  “I’ll see who it is.  You stay right there.”  Elsa opened the door.  The guy there at the door had on a dark black winter hat, a pair of black mufflers, dazzling black diamond-rimmed sunglasses, a dark black winter coat, a black vest, a dazzling black diamond-studded sweatshirt, a dark black t-shirt, a black tanktop, a pair of dazzling diamond-studded snowpants, a pair of dark black sweatpants, a pair of black pants, a pair of dazzling diamond-studded shorts, a pair of dark black underwear (you really couldn’t tell that much, but it was a good inference), a pair of black boots, a pair of dazzling diamond-studded shoes, and a pair of dark black socks.  “All right, this is either a coincidence or this person is blind.”  Elsa was still staring.  “ELSA!  Did you even hear what I said?” I scolded.  “This has got to be a coincidence.” replied Elsa.  “Oh boy.  I thought you girls would know I was near by the hiss of my creeper.” murmured the stranger.  “YOU set OUR house ON fire LAST night?!?!”  shrieked both of us at once.  “Sorry about that.  I just ment to tell you that I was near.” apologized the stranger.  “You made me look like a train wreck this morning!” I screamed.  “Anna, I think we should get to know this guy before we start to chew him out.” suggested Elsa.  “You seriously don’t know who I am?” asked the stranger.  “I know exactly who you are.”  I fumed.  “Oh really?”  “Yes.  You’re the minecraftinator.”  “Very good.”  “Anna, how did you-”  “Common knowledge.”  “Never mind.  Come in.  But don’t you dare try to spawn creepers on us.”  “It’s okay.  They only successfully spawn at night.” the minecraftinator informed them.  “What happens when they don’t successfully spawn?” Elsa asked.  “They actually spawn as something else.  In fact, the most common thing they misspawn into is a pig.” the minecraftinator replied.  “Well, that is…. interesting.”  Elsa managed.  “Oh, don’t worry.  They won’t ruin your castle.  They drop bacon if you kill them with fire, though.” the minecraftinator added.  “If you try to spawn a creeper, spawn it in the fireplace, please.” Both of us suddenly looked anxious to have him spawn a pig.  “Why?” he asked.  “Let’s just say we happen to like bacon and haven’t had it in a very, VERY long time.” We both giggled.  We seemed to almost forget that he accidentally lit my bedroom on fire.  “I’m gonna leave it at that.” he awkwardly ended.

    So the minecraftinator came into our castle and talked about minecraft and how he spawns minecraft stuff.  “Do you know how I got my powers?”  he asked.  I replied with, “You were either born with it or Mew gave it to you.”  “You are a very smart girl.  Mew gave it to me.  And now I’ll give it to you.”  “MEW!  We missed you!  Where’s Zoroark?”  “He’s right here.  Come on out, Zoroark!”  A dog came walking out.  Zoroark went into a spinning ball of purple and transformed back.  “Well, that was relaxing to get groomed by a herdier.  Sorry we had to leave early last time.  Team Rocket was chasing us and we had to go.  We didn’t want to get captured.”  “So THAT was the dire consequences.”  Then Mew transformed back to his original form.  “I’m sorry I blew up your bedroom last night.”  he mewed with shame.  Mew hung his cute little head.  “Hey, it’s okay, Mew.  I forgive you.  You have nothing to be ashamed of.”  “Hey, Mew?”  “Yeah, Elsa?”  “If you were pretending to be the minecraftinator, where’s the real one?”  “That’s the problem.  We can’t find him anywhere.”  “Hey, Mew, I know his theme call.”  “Really?!  Call him over!”  Mew was ecstatic.  “Minecraftinator, Minecraftinator, hear my call.  I need help with a creeper that wants to destroy us all!”  The minecraftinator was suddenly there.  He looked just like Mew had when he showed up.  “Billy!  We were looking all over for you.  Anna just used your call to find you.  Both she and Elsa know you as the minecraftinator.  It’s me, Mew.  Zoroark’s here, too.”  “Wait a second.  His name is BILLY?!  I thought he was known throughout the land as the minecraftinator.”  I fumed.  “I am.  Only my closest friends know my name.”  “How are we your closest friends?  Elsa and I have only heard about you.”  “You don’t remember the blind man at the fair you made closest friends with by the end of the day?”  “I do remember.  Why?”  “That was me.”  “Billy.  We need your help.  Somebody is after Ash and wants him dead.  We need you to find out who he is.”  Zoroark informed him urgently.  “I’ll do it, Zoroark, except for the fact that i’m always just starting to take a bath when I’m called.  It never fails.  But anyway, I already know who’s after Ash.  It’s Nightmare Moon.”  “NIGHTMARE MOON?!” we all shrieked at once.  “I thought she was banished when I turned 18.” I fretted.  “She was, but Ash was the perfect target to take her anger out on.” Elsa replied.  “Ash has only a few days left if we don’t stop her.  Nobody can escape her wrath.  That’s why Billy is blind.” Mew mewed worriedly.  “If we can find her, we can stop her.” Zoroark reassured.  “I already know where she is.  I can still see where she is because she’s always wearing my eyeballs around her neck.” Billy informed them.  “That is totally gross, but right now it’s the most useful thing we got.  Where is she?”  I choked, determined not to throw up.  “She’s in the Forest of Dappled Secrets.”  Billy managed, watching me.  I could tell he wished he hadn’t told us his disgusting secret.  “The Forest of Dappled Secrets?!  That’s in our backyard!  We can stop her.”  Elsa danced up and down with delight.  “There’s one problem though.  I can see Ash right now.  Wait, wait, wait, WAIT!  She just veered off to the left to avoid a patch of sunlight.  If we can keep Ash in the sunlight, we can keep her from hurting him.”  “We have to find him right now!”  Mew yowled.  So they ran out of the castle and into the Forest of Dappled Secrets.

    “Alright, let’s see how we’ll line up for duty.  Since i’m the one who knows this forest like the back of my hand, I’ll be the leader.  Elsa, you’re right behind me to point out Ash if you see him, or if you find, even worse, Nightmare Moon you’ll point her out to me, too.  Mew, you’ll float right behind Elsa and shield us from Nightmare Moon if we find her, or you’ll call Ash over if we find him.  Zoroark, you’ll walk right behind Mew to keep a lookout for Nightmare Moon or Ash behind us.  Billy, you’ll bring up the rear, and be ready to spawn stuff if we find Nightmare Moon.  When we find Ash, we’ll all cluster around him to protect him from Nightmare Moon.  I’ll lead, Ash behind me, Elsa on his left side, Mew floating above his head shielding us all, Zoroark on his right side, and Billy right behind him.  Billy, be ready to spawn stuff to attack Nightmare Moon and drive her away from us as we run from patch of sunlight to patch of sunlight.  You have the most important job considering that you can see where Nightmare Moon is.”  “Got it!”  “What’s plan B?”  Billy asked.  “Grab him and run.  In case you’re wondering, that means Mew surrounds us in a bubble and we float out of the forest while Billy spawns wolves to fall on her.”  “Just for point of reference, what happens when the wolves fall on her?”  “They attack her.  What did you think they would do?”  “Roll over so she could rub their bellies.  Then she’d hurt them and get eaten alive because the whole pack charged her.”  Billy responded with a mischievous grin on his face.  “Well then, make them roll over so she’ll get eaten alive for plan B.  Do we all know plan A?”  “Yes!” they all responded enthusiastically.

    “Why is the forest so green?”  Anna asked.  “It certainly wasn’t this green last time we came here.”  added Elsa.  “When was the last time you came here?”  asked Mew.  “Wasn’t it yesterday?”  Zoroark added.  “Have you been spying on them?”  Billy scolded.  “It was yesterday when we last came here.”  Anna admitted.  “Zoroark was also pretending to be one of our dogs in order to wait for Mew with us and protect us at the same time.”  Elsa informed Billy.  “I happened to watch them by staying in the forest.”  Mew admitted.  “I thought I saw you in that tree!”  Zoroark confirmed.  “I don’t want to be part of this conversation anymore.”  Billy awkwardly told them.  So they walked until the forest started to die underneath their feet.  “Nightmare Moon.”They all murmured.  She had quite a reputation for making things die near her and then they act like she had never been there when she left.  “We must be getting close.  Remember the plan.”  All of a sudden Ash peeked out from in a tree where all the branches were protecting him in the shape of a flower bud.  “Oh, thank goodness.  A rescue team.”  Mew flew up and descended back down with Ash.  “All right.  Ash, get behind me.  The rest of you, in formation.”  All of a sudden there was a rustle coming from behind a dead bush.  “You’re too late!  He’s already going delirious.  You’re no rescue team.  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”  laughed Nightmare Moon.

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