The Mines

Have YOU grabbed the flags of glory?


4. Chapter 2: The Battles: Elsa

“Drive, snivy!”  squealed End Bewitchment Vitality.  This was the first contest after Mew, Zoroark, the assembling, and the prevision.  “Thereupon I shall tug you.  Within reach I push!”  and then I was a snivy, too.  “Vine Whip!”  End conquered.  It was notably late.  End’s snivy was just now overmuch deep in love with me to listen to End OR attack me.  Then End’s snivy was whipped in the face with a vine from vine whip.  Then End’s snivy was wrapped with a wrap attack.  All of a sudden there was an assist attack and End’s snivy was blasted by a flamethrower.  Then as a last hit, I used another assist and scalded  End’s snivy.  Then I let go of the opponents snivy so she could transform back. Once I had transformed, I healed the defeated snivy and shook hands with End.  “Good battle.”  “Agreed.”  End left the castle.

    “Servine, Serperior!”  yelled Anomaly Hospitality Unicorn.  Double battle, double fun.  Second battle after transform.  “Elsa, you took the last battle!  Let me help you on this one!”  “I was going to ask for your help anyway, Anna!”  I turned into a Servine, Anna a Serperior.  I used an attract attack on both of the opponents pokēmon, while Anna did the same.  Anomaly’s pokèmon were helpless.  Whipped with a vine whip attack, wrapped, flamethrowered, and scalded, Anomaly’s pokèmon were defeated and helpless.  Both Anna and I turned back into our original forms and healed the pokèmon.  “Your pokèmon will be fine if you get them used to attract.  It won’t take that long for them to also be used to vine whip, wrap, flamethrower, and scald.” “Thank you for the information.  It was really kind of you to let me battle with your superiority.” “No problem, Anomaly.” “See ya, Anna and Elsa!”  Anomaly left the castle.

    “Tepig, Pignite, Emboar!” yelled Arc Allegiance Bolt.  Triple battles, triple danger.  Third battle after transform.  “All right, Anna.  You will do this one.  For you, I will call out our Pignite and Emboar.  Turn into a Tepig, though.  It will be the easiest thing in the world for you if you do that.”  The Pignite and Emboar were already outside, burning the trash.  Once they heard me say their names, they walked over.  “Well, that was certainly easy.  Oh, that’s right.  You were burning the trash.  Good job.  All I can see is ash.  That certainly was burned.”  I said carefully.  “Hurry up!” “Arc, you can battle now.” “Finally!  Flame Charge!”  It was the same mistake End and Anomaly made.  It was already too late.  All of Arc’s pokèmon were in love with Anna, Pignite, and Emboar.  All of a sudden, Flame Charge had lowered Arc’s pokèmon’s speed, special defense, special attack, defense, and attack all at once.  Then, Fire Spin trapped Arc’s pokèmon in a fiery vortex.  Arc’s pokèmon were so helpless against soak, they were soothed at their burned area.  Leaf Blade was one of the worst pokèmon moves you could use against a fire-type pokèmon, but at this point, Arc’s pokèmon were so weak it’s a wonder they didn’t faint from it.  Pignite and Emboar went back inside to stoke the fire, while Anna turned back to heal Arc’s pokèmon.  “Thanks for my pokèmon’s healing.  You’re the best.  That battle was awesome.” “You’re welcome.  Thank you.  You’re a good trainer, too.” “That’s nice.  I may be able to convince Drift to come battle you, but, as her name implies, she, well, drifts, at the sight of pets and pokèmon.” “It was nice to meet you too.  I would like to battle Drift’s pokèmon with my sister, and Drift’s pokèmon will be healed at the end of the battle.  “I’ll tell her that.” “See ya!”  Arc left the castle.  

    “All right, Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott, and Patrat.  We don’t have to win, but we have to do our best.” whispered Drift Altruism Bashful.  Four on four, more on more.  Fourth battle after transform.  “Anna, will you help me with this battle?” “Gladly, sis.” “Hey, Samurott, Patrat!  Mind helping us with this battle?” The samurott was helping the patrat feed a wild snivy.  In return, the snivy was picking non-poisonous berries to help them feed a different pokèmon four days from then.  They came scurrying over to help Anna and I.  Anna turned into an oshawott, and I turned into a dewott.  Anna, Samurott, Patrat, and I used attract on all of Drift’s pokèmon.  Then water gun spat in their faces made them wonder why they were battling.  Bubble was next.  Then Leaf Tornado.  Then Ember.  They were so helpless, even Drift was stronger and braver than them when she’s drifting.  The samurott and the patrat went back to feeding the wild snivy, who was watching in amazement and wonder.  The wild snivy, Samurott, and Patrat talked while Anna and I healed Drift’s pokèmon.  “That was a great battle.  I love pets, too.  Do you have any pets?  I hope you do.” “Oh, we do.  It’s always nice to have a lot of pets, too.  We have 16 cats, 15 dogs, 14 bunnies, 13 birds, 12 squirrels, 11 chipmunks, 10 sugar gliders, nine wolves, eight coyotes, seven hyenas, six cheetahs, five leopards, four panthers, three cougars, two lions, and one tasmanian devil.  That certainly was a great battle.” “Ooooh, I absolutely LOVE pets! Can I see them? Can I?” “I’m sorry.  No, you can’t see them.  You’re going to have to come back another time to see them.” “Oh.  Okay.” “We didn’t want to put you out, Drift, but we just don’t have enough time to show you them.  We have way too many of them for you to see them.  They have collars and microchips, but it takes all our pokèmon to groom them, feed them, and care for them.” “Then who of your pokèmon cares for them?” “Our purrloin gets 15 other wild purrloins to come help groom the cats, our herdier gets 14 other wild herdiers to help groom the dogs, our cottonee gets 13 other wild cottonee to come help groom the bunnies, our tranquill gets 12 other wild tranquill to come help groom the birds (I honestly have NO idea where she gets them, but one time I saw her flying to the Abundant Shrine), our emolga gets 11 other wild emolga to come help groom the squirrels, our minccino gets 10 other wild minccino to come help groom the chipmunks, our cinccino gets nine other wild cinccino to come help groom the sugar gliders, our beartic gets eight other wild beartic to come help groom the wolves, our deino gets seven other wild deino to come help groom the coyotes, our zweilous gets six other wild zweilous to come help groom the hyenas, our liepard gets five other wild liepards to come help groom the cheetahs, our liepard also gets four other wild liepards to come help groom the leopards, our liepard also gets three other wild liepards to come help groom the panthers, our liepard also gets two other wild liepards to come help groom the cougars, our liepard also gets one other wild liepard to help groom the lions, and our hydregon grooms the tasmanian devil by itself.” Drift left the castle looking surprised.

    “Watchog, Lillipup, Herdier, Stoutland, Purrloin!” squealed Claw Chuckle Confection.  Five times nine lives.  Fifth battle after transform.  “I need to take this battle alone, Anna.”  “But-” “No buts.  Now go watch from the door.  I know your angry, so here’s a fun project: try to ice the door without icing the whole castle.” “That’s hard.” “So is ice.  Get a move on.” Anna giggled, unable to stay mad at me.  I turned into a Watchog and called our lillipup, herdier, stoutland, and purrloin over.  “All right, Watchog, Lillipup, Herdier, Stoutland, and Purrloin!  Let’s throw so- WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY POKĒMON!?!?!?!?” screeched Claw, seeing that all her pokèmon were staring at me and that her pokèmon were in a love trance.  “All she did was simply use attract.” yelled Anna back, who had somehow managed to freeze her feet.  Then a vine whip hit Claw’s pokēmon.  Then the opponents pokèmon were wrapped.  Assist with flamethrower.  Assist with scald.  Lillipup, Herdier, Stoutland and Purrloin went over and picked up Claw’s pokèmon, picking up which one they were.  I transformed back and healed all of Claw’s pokèmon without any trouble.  “Goodbye!  I was going to say let’s throw some cake in their faces, but you had used attract, so here’s some cake from Pallet Town!” “Goodbye, C;aw!  Thanks for the cake!” “No problem!” “Bye!” Claw left the castle.

    “Liepard, Pansage, Simisage, Pansear, Simisear, Panpour!” yelled Balloon Confidence Cadet.  Six wits, six bits.  Sixth battle after transform.  “All right, Anna.  Help me on this one.  I’ll unfreeze the door and your feet.”  So Anna had her feet unfrozen thanks to me for being her sister and always loving her, which also unfroze the door, too.  I turned into a liepard, Anna a pansage, and our simisage, pansear, simisear, and panpour came running over.  “Lie- Uh-oh.  Attract attack from all of their’s to all of mine.  I recognize that look.”  Flame Charge made Balloon’s pokèmon weaker and more likely to faint from the next attack, while raising my side’s speed.  Fire spin trapped Balloon’s side in a fiery vortex of flames.  Soak helped their burns.  Leaf blade was bad on fire types, but it worked on them while decimating the grass types.  My side went inside.  Anna and I transformed back and healed Balloon’s side.  “Thanks.  Here’s some apple cider from Pallet Town.” “Your welcome.  Thanks.” “No problem.” “Bye!”  Balloon left the castle.

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