The Mines

Have YOU grabbed the flags of glory?


3. Chapter 1: The mysterious shape-shifter creator: Anna

After Elsa had taught me how to do what she does, there was a mysterious knock on the door.  (This was right after Elsa had taught me how to create snow and ice, of course.)  “That’s funny.  We weren’t expecting anybody.” I muttered.  “That certainly is strange.”  Elsa agreed.  I went to open the door, but Elsa was ice skating over and beat me to it.  “Open it goes!”  Elsa giggled.  The door swung open and in from the summer heat entered a man dressed in a bright white hat, a white shirt, a dazzling white diamond-studded coat, a white cape, bright white underpants (you couldn’t see them, but you knew they were like that from the way they made the dress pants shine,) white dress pants, dazzling white diamond-studded socks, white shoes, and he was using a cane made completely out of diamonds.  Elsa’s mouth was on the floor in surprise, but then again, so was mine.  The man asked, “I’m sorry, but aren’t you going to close that door?”  That snapped Elsa out of it, since she had her hand on the door, but I was still gaping.  Elsa snapped her fingers in front of me and said, “Hello?  Anybody there?”  That snapped me out of it.  “I’m sorry.  It’s just, he just, he has a lot of white on.”  The stranger chuckled.  “It’s quite alright.  I get this a lot.  It’s just that it’s so hot out here in the summer.  White reflects most of the heat it receives so I only get 1% of the heat it gets.”

“English please.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  White is cooler than any other color.”

“Oh, that makes sense.”

“I’m glad you understand.  You are going to become shape-shifters of pokēmon.  Before you say ANYTHING, I didn’t pick you, Zoroark did.  Don’t ask me why.  I absolutely WILL NOT fathom a Zoroark’s mind.” the man informed them.  “I am the legendary pokēmon Mew from the tree of beginning.  I will change into my real form to make you shape-shifters of pokēmon.”  Then with a flash of light, Mew was where the man had been.  There was a green bubble around the pokēmon.

    The tail of Mew touched the tip of Elsa’s head, and mine for that matter, and in under a second we had transformed into every single pokēmon in the whole world.  No pokēmon was forgotten.  Not even the legendary ones.  Mew transformed back into the man it had been and called Zoroark over.  “Zoroark, this is Anna and Elsa.  Elsa and Anna, this is Zoroark.”  Mew introduced.  “You are going to meet a lot of trainers, so you have one of every single pokēmon in the world, none forgotten, even the legendary ones?”  Zoroark telepathically asked.  “Yes, why?” I suspiciously asked.  

“Just checking.”  

“We’ve got to go, Zoroark.”

“Alright, Mew.  Good-bye, Anna and Elsa.  Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town will be your friend, but Elsa, you will chill him, and Anna, you will coax chamomile tea into him, but his partner Pikachu will disappear mysteriously.  I’m sorry.  I wish I could tell you more, but I couldn’t do it without dire consequences.”

“What conse-”

“We have to go now, Zoroark!”

“Alright, alright, I’m coming Mew!  Just let me turn into a fly first.”  With a spinning circle of purple, Zoroark had turned into a fly.  With Zoroark the fly on the Mew the man’s hat, they set off.  “Good-bye!”  Telepathy really is like speaking.  I barely heard Zoroark.  I thought.   It must have been almost out of earshot.  “Goodbye!” we yelled back.  (We yelled so that the pokēmon could hear us, of course.)  We raced to the door again, but this time I won and shut it before Elsa could get there. I had created a clear path of ice to the door and slid over there backwards on my butt.  “I won this time!  Closed it goes!”  I giggled.  Now that the door was closed, there was the question of whether Mew was lying or not.

“Hey, Elsa?” I asked quietly.

“Yeah?” Elsa replied.

“Do you think that Mew was lying?”

“I’d prefer to believe it was all a hallucination.” Elsa responded flatly.  That was perfectly fine with me.  But we still wanted to try it out.  So we thought of snivy and tried desperately hard to do a vine whip and it was VERY easy.  We looked at our hands and thought to ourselves, It wasn’t a hallucination or a lie!  That meant that Ash was coming.  We could still see if it was a dream, though.  So we pinched ourselves.  It hurt.  It wasn’t a dream.  We couldn’t stop destiny from coming, but we could embrace it.  We turned back to the door and stood there quietly looking at the door for a few moments.  “Destiny is coming.”  we muttered colorlessly in accordance while glaring at the egress.

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