Darker each night♡

It's funny how just like that your world changes. You're heart beats speeds up. You're breath quickens. Everything you ever thought was wrong was now right. But there's also that one time when all of that stops because of your own selfish decisions. You take a minute and think will I really do this? End my life like that?

This is a story I just decided to do and I don't have much of a plan but winging it is chill


4. Chapter 4

Eventually I was sitting on my bed again waiting for a reason to get up. My head was an aching mess like someone was pounding it from the inside.

"Ugh" I screamed and threw my pillow on the floor. Well might as well do something progressive. I hopped up on to my feet and went to the book shelf. It was probably 3 in the morning I was assuming, considering windows in this hell hole wasn't an option. I knocked on the wall just like Shae and I had agreed on.

*once *twice ... *five times

I slid the book shelf over and peeped my head into her dark room. My eyes desperately tried to make out any shapes I could. Then I saw an arm make its way into my view

"Hey Shae... WHAT THE FUCK?!"

I scurried away from the opening in the wall and let out a small scream. I jumped up and found my way to my feet not without falling over. I saw a dark figure creep into my room holding an object in its hand. It seemed like a girl but I wasn't sure. It had long black hair covering it's face. "Get-t outt no-w" I stuttered trying to find my words as it drew closer.

"I know what you did to her." the mysterious figure hissed back at my presence.

Soon enough it vanished. It's entire exist ice just gone. God maybe it's the meds who knows. Well it knew.. Did it know about my past?

"Hey beautiful" I heard someone sweetly coo into my ear. I looked up quickly and saw Shae standing by my bookshelf.

My breath quickened and I felt my heart start to rush as if it wasn't doing its job fast enough.

Through my quickened breath I was able to spill out

"He---lp" I whispered as I felt my feet slip beneath me.

Shae quickly rushed to my side and helped me up.

"Honey are you okay? well I mean not okay because we are here and all but like okay because you fell over and your scaring me and-"

"I'm fine" I replied trying to convince myself that much was true.

"'I'm fine" means cuddles and love" she spoke back softly to me.

I felt her arms wrap around me in an embrace as I just sat there and stared at the wall. She stood up quietly and placed her hand for me to reach for. I grabbed her wrist and stood up alongside her.

"Wanna read a letter?" I asked in an amusing voice.

"Sure?" She said and looked at me puzzled.

I grabbed the hard covered book from its secret place and sat on my bed with it. I patted beside me and watched for Shae to get the message. She understood and sat beside me. She placed her head on my shoulder and yawned.

"Are you gonna tell me a bed time story momma?" She asked but I could tell she was joking.

It made me think for a minute about taking care of her like my child. Helping her to grow into an adult much more suited for the real world. To take on another life and watch her to keep her safe.

"Something like that." I mumbled.

I turned the book to the back and reached for the note. It was folded many times so it took me a minute to get it ready. Red was stained in the back of the book.

"You sure this is- uh safe?" She mumbles under her breath but just loud enough to hear.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom I'll be right back." She said and went through the hole in the wall to get out through her room.

I didn't hesitant to look at the note. I skimmed it quickly but nothing much was said. At the very bottom was what interested me the most. The all too familiar small silver cold piece of metal was taped to the bottom along side a few words.

They can't separate us from what we need

I pulled off the tape and slipped the metal blade under my pillow as not to scare Shae if she happened to come back. The whole note wreaked of a metallic smell. I began to look back down the note that read a lot of jibberish. It was hard to make out the words given it was written in red ink but the blood had made that hand to tell. I felt impure touching someone else's blood. It didn't feel right. And it didn't the first time either

////Flashback \\\

I heard the sound of sirens drawing in. My feet sunk down into the wet grass. I drowned out the sound of anything nearby trying to think. I looked down at my hands. My blood soaked hands. The dagger was right near my foot looking like it was ready to frame me. I couldn't think clearly and my mind was hazily think to think of an idea. I heard the tell of an older man.

"Over this way!!!" He screamed.

I thought of anything to save myself. To save her. I stood up slowly and did the one thing I could think of doing.


///End of flashback\\\\

I shivered at what my mind had remembered. The night I thought I had gone crazy. Well I was crazy considering I was here. I scanned the note as best as I could. A suicide note maybe? It wouldn't surprise me. Many people had done what I unsuccessfully attempted to do. I read the note slowly trying to make out what I could which read

It's been 6 years haha what a failure. I've been here six year and still haven't made progress. They said they are ready to let me out. I'm leaving in an hour after I pack up my minimal things. If only they knew. Tricking the system was easy all I had to do was act like they wanted. A perfect fake creation of myself. Like progress was a real thing in here........... My favorite nurse here was under my spell as well. It was an easy task really. I sneak my friend in here too. My cold metal little friend and they never notice. I was too perfect for them to check for any relapses. The fake me was all they wanted. Well let me tell you this place is shit! They never have to know what you really are thinking if you don't let them. Hide what you can and get away with what you don't. Stay away from my friends because they will get you to a place like this. But they promise to save you just the same. The nurse is knocking now ready to send me out. Little do they know the blood on this paper is my own. Little do they know I'm already dead. Goodbye. Prove them wrong. I know you have it in you

Love, yours truly

Another fucked up patient

P.s I have a few tips on the back to be as successful as I was.

Wow if only I knew who they were. It was a daring move trying to slip one past them. I'd never have the guts to do that. Well that's what I told myself. I've tried taking my life about 3 times now. Not like anyone else cared though. I looked at the dried letter in my hand and placed it back in the book. I slipped the book back under my bed as I heard Shae voice call out to me.

"Hey love." she called to me gently in the dark

"Find anything in the letter?" She asked me.

"Nothing worth worrying about missy. Now how about that bedtime story?"

A/n haha yea so that happened. I'm not completely sure what I want to happen but I'll make it worth while. Don't be afraid to comment and stuff because I'd love to hear everyone's opinions. Btw this isn't me exactly (graces thoughts and stuff) just thought talk should know. I'll update soonish. Vote and comment and all that jazz

Love Emi<3

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