Darker each night♡

It's funny how just like that your world changes. You're heart beats speeds up. You're breath quickens. Everything you ever thought was wrong was now right. But there's also that one time when all of that stops because of your own selfish decisions. You take a minute and think will I really do this? End my life like that?

This is a story I just decided to do and I don't have much of a plan but winging it is chill


3. Chapter 3

By the time dinner rolled around I was mentally exhausted. I had been thinking so hard looking for a logically explanation to most of the things about the book and the thoughts behind it. Things weren't bad at first until I started to notice little things that bothered me. For example where would the even be able to get a pen to write with. Almost everything was taken away from us here due to the risk we cause to ourselves or something. And why leave one here? As far as I knew I hadn't heard anything about this kind of stuff from the workers here. I made a promise to myself that after dinner I intended to read the letter back to back.

*knock knock knock

I ran over to my door as quick as I could and opened it to find shae standing there.

"Hey shae what's up?" I asked causally. But the look on her face told me our conversation would be anything but that.


She's upset. Why? Maybe something happened to her or she wasn't ready to have dinner. Maybe it was me.

"What's wrong beautiful?"

Did I seriously just call her that oh my fucking god no. I saw her cheeks flush and she pulled me out of my room.

"Nothing. Come on please I'm ready to eat."

She replied while looking mostly at the floor. She was beautiful even when she didn't look at me. She could murder all my family but I'd still see her beautiful innocent face. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the dinning hall with her. She put me in line in front of her. Sweet as usual<3 I saw her take her time to decide what to get. For me it wouldn't be much of a choice considering I wasn't hungry. Even if I was I wouldn't eat. I saw her hand reach for something and when she drew her hand back, the food landed on my plate.

"Umm no thank you I'm not hungry."

"Sorry hazza I thought maybe you'd wanna eat considering you haven't eaten much since you've been here and it would be a shame to see your tummy upset." She looked down at the plate and brought more food into it.

Did she call me hazza? I wonder what that meant. I kinda like the sound of it though. Maybe there was meant behind it.

She grabbed a few things quickly and put them on her plate as well. I always noticed how every one of her meals consisted of some type of ice cream. She was so child like always eating her desert first. She was also perfectly complex and God made no mistakes when he made her.

I tried to protest but she wouldn't have it.

"You're getting your food and that's final. And I will carry your tray to our table."

Did that mean we could sit together? This was so different for me. I was mostly okay in school and got along with kids but I never really say with other people. She was like a mommy trying to pick up my food for me so I didn't trip over myself carrying it back.

She sat out stuff down at the most isolated table. She made sure I sat directly beside her and placed her arm on my lap.

"Want me to feed you?" She asked me sweetly. Maybe she was concerned for me or maybe she was joking but it didn't sound like a bad idea.

"No thanks shae I'm really just not-."

And just like that a spoonful of food was in my mouth. She placed her hands on my jaws trying anything to get me to chew. I obliged and ate the food like she had asked.

"Good girl! I thought I was going to have to sit on your hips and feed you like a child."

Anything little just like that. Those words just made the butterflies go wild. She was so perfect and to think she liked me even a little made my day.

"Shae ummm you're so kind. May I ask you something?

"Of course."

"Well umm never mind it's too dumb."

She looked at me and giggled. The rest of dinner was really peaceful. She fed me the whole time and made me feel safe. Soon enough our food was gone and it was time for us to leave dinner. She grabbed my hand and it made my cheeks go red. We walked in silence but it was perfect because I could take my time to admire her beauty. Finally we got to my door and she let go of my hand. I sighed but looked up at her face.

"Ask me your question before we go to bed love."

I loved her little nick names. Speaking of my question...

"Shae what does hazza mean<3?"

Okay so that was just a filer chapter about my wonderful girlfriend and I<3 this chapter was a lot shorter but I promise to make the next ones longer. And it'll get interesting soon I'm just kinda lazy and shit ha.

P.s I love you hazza bear

<3 emi

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