Darker each night♡

It's funny how just like that your world changes. You're heart beats speeds up. You're breath quickens. Everything you ever thought was wrong was now right. But there's also that one time when all of that stops because of your own selfish decisions. You take a minute and think will I really do this? End my life like that?

This is a story I just decided to do and I don't have much of a plan but winging it is chill


2. Chapter 2

A few days were passed and this place was already boring me to death(not literally) . I decided to take a shower to relax and ease my mind. I stepped into them newly cleaned girls shower room and turned on the hot water. I undressed quickly and stepped in the steam hopping no one else was in there.

I thought for a few minutes about the noises I was hearing. It's been like that every single night since I've been staying here. It sounds like a knocking coming from the wall but it never goes away during the night but sometimes during the day. I scrubbed my long hair and waited till the shampoo rinsed out of the tangled mess. I turned off the warm shower flow but stayed in the stall for a little to dry off my drenched hair. I heard someone's light foot steps approaching to the near by stalls. They seemed to walk into the small stall next to me. From underneath I could see there tiny feet get into place and I saw their gown fall to the floor. I heard the water start up and someone get underneath the flowing stream from the shower. I heard them start mumbling small words. All I could make out was something about wishing they would notice. The voice was unrecognizable to me at first. They mumbled a little bit then stopped right before they started to sing. I couldn't make out the song but it sounded beautiful coming from their mouth. I thought I knew who it was but their voice sounded so different.

"And as the sun went down we ended up on the ground..."

They switched songs and I started to really listen to what they were singing.

"If I were you I'd put that away. See you're just waited and thinking bout the past again darling you'll be okay."

I couldn't help myself. I loved that song so I sang back.

"If you were me you'd do the same. I can't take anymore I'll draw the shades and close the door baby it's not alright and I would ratherrrr."

I heard them giggle softly on the other side. Was I that bad? I've always loved Singing but I never thought I was good at it. I heard them mumble again and what I understood was


-and I guess with that they left. I still didn't know who it was but I saw beautiful brown hair reflect from the mirror before the bathroom door shut.

Soon enough it was time for lunch. I went back into my room to get changed and then headed to the cafeteria. My eating habits were all messed up. Self image was something I definitely struggled with all threw middle and high school. There were a lot of people here admitted for eating disorders but I wasn't thank god. Didn't mean I didn't have one though. I grabbed an apple because I wasn't feeling it today either. I also took a green tea and sat down at one of the cold metal tables. They were like the lunch tables you'd find at school except a lot more depressing and jail like. I finished my apple quickly and threw away the core. I was about to leave until I saw that shae girl sit where I had been previously. I hesitantly walked back to the table and sat beside her.

"How was your shower ?"

She asked me calm and softly. I felt my cheeks flush and I looked away.

"You knew that was me love?!?"

Shit love. Why'd I give her such an idiotic nick name. I bet she hated it.

"Sorry" I muttered and stood up to leave.

"But love." I heard her mumble back softly.

My heart my heart. I can't. She realized all the butterflies in my tummy and I felt my knees go weak. Why is this getting to me so much?

"You done?" I asked her

"Yea. Walk me to my room."

We stood up together and she rubbed against my arm. She lead the way and it walked down the familiar hallway. Her room was directly next to mine. She briefly hugged me and stepped into her room. Not without calling me that adorable nick name. Love, how could I ever forget that name

A/n the fluff man

My room was so dull now. I've looked at

everything that could possibly be in there except I wanted to save the books for last so i could have something to look forward to when I really needed it. I couldn't stand the anticipation anymore. I reached to the highest shelf and checked out a few books. I found one that looked quiet interesting.

How do deal with your psychotic thoughts

I pulled out the book and decided to read the first few pages

The human mind....

This book was pretty good. I've always wanted to study this stuff when I got into collage. Maybe be a psychiatrist when I was older.

I flipped through the rest of the book till I got to the back page. Someone had written in sharpie.

Open when you want the truth of this place.

On the back of the last page had a little thin box with an opening. The key was taped to the back so I decided too open the fragile box in front of me. The key was awful. I kept turning and turning and nothing happened. Right as I was about to give up.. I heard a click.

The first thing I saw was a neatly folded piece of paper with red droplets scattered over it like some kind of blood... Maybe I shouldn't read it I thought. I'll save it for a different time. No I needed to read the truth. I began to open it when I heard the knocking sound again. I placed the book back and stepped outside my room so maybe it could go away. A nurse was walking by and I asked her about the books.

"Excuse me, when I finished the books in my room maybe can I get more?"

"Oh don't worry honey we replace them every week. Tomorrow is when we switch them out."

I sweetly thanked her and waited till she was gone to sneak over to the front desk. I needed tape to stick the book in a good hiding place for when they came. I couldn't have someone take this important book from me. I took a long piece and hid it under my gown. I couldn't have someone see as I walked back to my room. I sat the tape with the sticky side up on the desk so I could tape the book under my bed for later. It wasn't very thick so It'd be easy to hide. I took out the letter and decided to read it. God only knows what someone could write in here.

Before I opened it, the taping noise started up again so I sat the book back down. I looked at the bookshelf which seemed to be the source of the sound. When I tried to look at the books, one book fell behind the shelf. I pushed the book case softly as not to draw attention to my room and tried to reach the book. Just a little bit more. I pushed the self a tiny bit more and noticed what the sound was. There was an huge hole leading to the next room. Shae's room. But the knocking wasn't coming from her or her room.

I peeped my head what best I could from the hole and saw her just as surprised as me.

"Umm this may sound crazy but I was hearing a knocking noise the past couple days and so I decided to check behind the book shelf and I found you." She answered to my confused look.

"The knocking wasn't me. And the same thing happened to me."

By now the noise had vanished but my confused thoughts still haven't. What was that?

She snuck through the hole into my room and pushed the bookshelf back into place on her side so her room looked perfectly normal and my book shelf was still pushed over. She helped me sit it into place and sat down on my bed.

"Friend" she called out. " I think we have a mystery on our hands."

"How'd that hole get there? Maybe the last people here were friends too?"

There was another knock except this time it was from the door. Some nurse came in and gasped when she saw us. She was holding a new gown for me.

"You girls may be new here so I'll tell you myself. No patent is allowed in another's room okay? Please return to your rooms." She told us sweetly. She closed the door and shae stood up. Goodbye she called to me and gave me a wink.

"Talk to me at dinner" she said and shut the door.

Good thing we could talk through the creepy ass hole in the wall when we needed to.

A/n haha this chapter was probably confusing as frick but it'll start making sense soon. Enjoy the story. I'll be updating frequently because this one is interesting and stuff<3 oh and by the way some shit is about to go down. Don't be afraid to pm me or leave comments because I love to read them and I'll answer back. Peace

<3 Emily

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