Something New

Scarlett Evans is basically the new girl , just getting off the plane to Canada , running into a guy she basically thought was a douchebag from his first Youtube Video , the first time running into him "Hey , My name's Jordan" "Oh , i know you you're a douchebag" "You just need to get to know me better"


1. Chapter One

I woke up since today was my last day going to Jefferson Davis High School i just got up brushed my teeth and got dressed putting on my black skinnies and my black crop top and my body jewelry from moda and black vans straightening my hair for the second time this week since it was Friday i grabbed my “Friday” wallet and put it in my Chanel purse , Going downstairs and eating breakfast with my parents specifically pancakes and sausage and eggs with some orange juice and strawberries , “So Friday’s your last day here especially in the city of Los Angeles” “Yup” “So you got any plans” “Not yet , i’ll ask Gerald about some things to do” “Okay , as long as you get home before 2 in the morning” “Okay , dad” i smiled and grabbed my bag and keys going outside to get in my BMW Jeep i started driving until my phone ringed , i pulled to the side of the road and answered it , 



“Hey , Gerald” 

“So you plan on doing anything on your last week here” 

“Nope , i was hoping you cold help with that” 

“Luckily , i have a lot of things in store” 

“That’s great , So i’m driving right now i’m going to put you on speaker phone no one’s in the car with me though” 

“Okay , as long as no one’s with you” 


I pushed the speaker button and started driving again i stopped at Starbucks and put Gerald not on speaker anymore and got a Vanilla Bean Creme with Caramel and got back in the car and started driving again putting Gerald on speaker 


“So , what happened last night” 

“What do you wanna know” 

“Well everything” 

“She really wasn’t compatible i guess you could say that” 

“Oh , she seemed like a really nice girl” 

“So , what happened last night” 

“Between Zachary and me” 


“Well , since we’ve been together for about six months now we went to Rebecca’s party” 

“Wish , i was there” 

“Me too” 

“So , was it fun at the party” 

“Yeah , i guess you can say that people got drunk did drugs the usual when you go to her parties” 

“That’s why you always go to her parties” 

“Didn’t you used to date her” 

“Yeah , the chick’s crazy after a month of being together with someone” 

“She was always crazy ,that didn’t change” 


I pulled into the driveway of the school slowly getting out of the car only to plug in my earbuds and play , “DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It” walking inside the school and walking to the gym walking up the bleachers and finally sitting down by Gerald Martin and Sofia , “So Martin i hear it’s your birthday” “Yeah , it is” I got up sitting on his lap  , “What would you like me to give you” “Maybe , just a settling blow job” “It is your birthday , but i can’t do that maybe just some more hanging out” “That’ll do , i guess” i cupped his face and kissed him for only a couple of seconds stopping when he tried slipping his tongue in my month , placing my hands on his chest “That’s all the excitement you’ll get as long as i’m with Zachary” he nodded , “But i only wish you could’ve stayed together for a little longer” “You knew what happened was the reason why we broke up , right?” “Yeah” I sat back on my butt and started playing Two Dots it was basically a game that needed patience i guess and thinking after a while , Sofia tapped my shoulder “It’s time to go , Evans” i nodded going to my music and played the album “I’m Sorry by The Neighbourhood” singing along to Wires 


All he ever wanted was a job ... We talked about making it .. I’m sorry that you never made it .. Straight to hell ” 


Walking with Sofia Gerald and Martin Singling it down to just me and Martin , “So , today it has to be good , it’s your birthday and the last week of me being here” “Yup , so maybe we can see if Rebecca can throw one of her parties” “I think , her parents found out about her last party , but they didn’t care my parents would be completely different” “Yeah , rich girl from high society reputation would’ve been ruined” “I’m not rich , we just have a lot of money and i was born in Oakland” 

“The drugs and the chicks there , god” “What are you trying to say?” “The chick’s there are hot” “Um .. Okay nice to know” “So what class do you have” “This class” walking inside to Mr.Melatino’s class , “Bye Martin” “Bye Evans” sitting down at a desk next to Jesse , my friend since 2nd Grade we dated a couple of times and broke up maybe about five times , “Hey , Ex” “Hey , Ex” “So what’s been going on” “Nothing much , Rebecca dragged to this class i didn’t want to come until she promised me something if i came” “What did she promise?” “Nothing , that you need to know about” “Whatever , Abets” “So , how’s that wanna be punk boyfriend of yours” “His name is Zachary” “To me , it’s the punk wanna be” “At , least he loved me” “Scarlett , i did love you” “Then , why did you cheat on me” “I see it as , you just walked in at the wrong time” “The time that you were drunk and having fun with one of the school’s trash” i stopped talking to Jesse and started doing my work but stopped when he walked in , he was beautiful had brown eyes and black hair , with a hint of jell in it he looked at me and smiled making his way to the seat next to me i smiled back he sat next to me , “Hey , beautiful what’s your name” “Scarlett Evans , yours “Zachary Wheatley” “So , what’s bring you to this class” “I got kicked out of Mr.Mel’s class this girl” “Oh , too in love with the female gender , huh?” “I got kicked out of Mr.Ruth’s class because of a boy” “Yeah . who” “Scott” i continued doing my work and handed it to the teacher  , “You may have free time since you’re done” i smiled and got my phone out of my pocket and started texting Zachary , his contact in my phone was Bae with the blowing kiss emoji 


So , what are you doing ?

Nothing much in Mr.Ruth’s class , wish you were still in here 

Nope , that dirtbag got me in trouble 

I love you 

I love you too 

So , it’s my last week so what do you have planned 

You’ll have to find out , Honey Bunches 

I don’t like it when you call me Honey Bunches 

i know but you’re cute when you’re mad 

Thanks , you are too but more XD 

So , how are you texting me in Mr.Melatino’s class 

He gave us free time , How are you texting me 

He gave us free time 

Cool , i like when we text each other all night 

Me too , hearing your voice until i fall asleep 

You snore , Huney Bunches 

No i don’t 

No , you snore in a cute way not like your aunt 

Oh , so how do you like your freeze sticks 

I like them cold XD 

Can i draw on your butt this week?

Yeah , Can i draw on your stomach?

Yeah , Bunches 

What time does the bell ring?


So , we leave in five minutes 



I put my phone in my pocket now listening to , “Brooklyn Baby (Konstantin Sibold Remix) by Lana Del Ray” and put my binder and stuff back in my backpack ready to go to second block , i could tell this was going to be a very long day i put my backpack on my back and sat on the desk ready to go , after a second i felt someone tap me on my shoulder i looked and saw Zachary , “What do you want” “I was wondering maybe you could give me your number , since i hear you’re leaving Friday” i smiled , “Sure” giving him my number , “Call me anytime , maybe not anytime but you can me if you like well mostly text” i put his contact in my phone as :Girl Toy , as he put me as Grunge Baby XD , i smiled i always thought myself as Indie but it wasn’t until this year until i questioned myself as Grunge i texted him something as soon as the bell rang 


Can’t wait to finally get to meet you , Girl Toy XD 

Since , i sent him that we’ve been hanging out more and becoming best friends but i knew it wouldn’t last long we were both made out of glass 


I started walking to Mr.Blackbear’s class and sat down next to Jaycee and Kaiden , “Hey , guys” “Hey , Evans” “So , how was your day” “Good , fvcked a girl against the bleachers” “Do you anything except for making out with Lucille or some random girl” “Maybe , you can find Huney Bunches” “Hey , only Zachary can call me Huney Bunches , Kaiden

So , Jaycee how was your day” “Just skipped first block and went to Baronets with Lisa” “Did the teacher notice” “Not really , and plus she can barely see so she didn’t check my absent “Lucky , Mr.Melatino would notice in a heartbeat if i was or wasn’t there , he has a tab on me kind of since the middle of the year” “I’m glad i’m not the only one who isn’t known as a “Bad influence” in this school” “Your more of one than me , so i don’t see how you would be happy” “Says the girl , who gets high and drunk all through the night with her Punk Wanna Be Boyfriend”I thought Jesse was the only one who called him that” “Think again , a lot of people do since Jesse called him that” i nodded , “Then what would you call me?” “You’re Grunge” “Is that a good thing?” “If you think about it , yeah kind of“I’ve thought of myself as Indie since last year , and a lot of friends call me that” “Then , i’ll be the first to call you Grunge” “Actually , Jesse was the first well my contact in his phone is Grunge Baby” he nodded .

I got up and walked to Mr.Blackbear’s class , “Do we have any work to do” “Yes , Evans we do if you look at the whiteboard you would see what you have to do” I looked up at the white board and read aloud “Page One - Hundred of Mathematics Book” i frowned since we had work which we usually don’t but sometimes we do but we never went in the mathematics book , it would usually be on Judle , the campus site for school things like homework and stuff to do in class , i walked back to my desk and got the book from under the desk and opened it to page One-Hundred of the Mathematics Book , “Evans , we have work” “Yeah , it’s on the white board” he looked at the board , “Oh okay” “Yup” “Do you mean helping me on it” “Yeah , meanwhile i can do mine , i have nothing better to do , Jaycee” “



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