Summer Trouble

I'm Gabby Florez, I had my life ahead of me. Good grades, popular, I had every boy at school in my heels. What happened when I lost my home, friends, family, clothes and family? We're Luke and Ashton my only escape? Or was it all a mistake? I knew they were Trouble when I saw them the first day of Summer School.


1. how


I woke up for school like always and texted my best friend Dany. I showed her the outfit I was going to wear to school. When i got to school almost everyone was crowding me. I heard many compliments but ignored them.

"Dany! You look Gorgeous!" I complimented her.

"Not as good as you!" She said back.

"So we are defiantly going to the mall together after school! I'm need to look H-O-T! I'm seeing Louis this summer!" I squealed.

"Omg! Gabby! He's so going to ask you to date him! But your way to cute for him!"

"Oh shut up! I know you used to like him." And with that I walked to my first period and there he was! The worst teacher ever.

"Mr.Sergio" I rolled my eyes.

"I'm informing you that you are failing my class."

"Nahhh! I hate you!" I snapped

He handed me a paper.

"What's that?" I asked.

"That's why you have eyes Gabby! Read."

I opened the paper and for the first time I actually listened to him.

Summer School for Gabby Florez @ 8 am sharp in the Library be there on time!

~Principal Whites

"You gave me Summer School!? What the fuck is that?" I cussed.

"Gabby language! It's a school program you have to in summer to earn your credit again."

"That's bullshit!" I ran out of the class room.

I wasn't going to that stupid thing! Today was my last day of school before summer I wasn't going to be stuck at school all summer with retarded people! Eww. I'm not a nerd.

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