Summer Trouble

I'm Gabby Florez, I had my life ahead of me. Good grades, popular, I had every boy at school in my heels. What happened when I lost my home, friends, family, clothes and family? We're Luke and Ashton my only escape? Or was it all a mistake? I knew they were Trouble when I saw them the first day of Summer School.


9. Day 5

I woke up the next morning in Luke's house. It was pretty weird how a boy like Luke could change your mind in seconds. I moved away from Luke thinking of how my life became hell in 6 days. 'Maybe I should write a book called: How to make your life hell in 6 days,' I thought. I stood up and started looking through my suitcase finding some golden colored shorts and a black strapless over the belly button crop top. I walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. I started showering letting my sucky voice fill the bathroom.

'All the pain and the truth,

I wear like a battle wound

So ashamed, so confused

I was broken and bruised

Now I'm a worrier

Now I've got thicker skin,

I'm a warrior

I'm stronger than I've been

And my armor, is made of steel,

You can't get in

I'm a warrior

And you can never hurt me agai-'

''Wow, you could've told me you had that amazing voice hidden,'' Luke said clapping.

''Omg! Get out!!'' I screamed

I closed my eyes and started rising the soap out of my hair. Just when I was about to start singing again I felt a soft warm hand touch my wet skin. I quickly opened my eyes and saw him.

''Luke!!'' I screamed grabbing a towel and covering myself.

''Hon, there's no point in hiding, I already checked you out,'' he said with a creepy smile. Okay, it was cute.

''You pervert!'' I screamed walking out of the bathroom.

''So you and Luke?'' Ashton asked worried.

''We aren't Dating...'' I said making him calm down.

''You could've stayed with me,'' Ashton complained,'' but no, you go running to Luke after everything he's done to you.''

He walked away leaving me speechless. He was right, I always ran to Luke even when I was mad. The bell rang and I walked into class being the last person there.

''Gabby, Luke, My office,'' he exclaimed,'' Now!''

I walked out of the room minutes later after Luke ,but he waited for me. We walked quietly to Mr.Whites' office, I smiled when I saw the bean bag chair. I then looked over at Luke as he looked at me at the same time and we both looked back at the bean bag then raced to the chair. We started pushing each other out of the way ,but I was the only one who ended up on the floor. He laughed and stuck his tongue out at me making me frown. I stood up from the floor and sat on top of him.

''Your so uncomfortable,'' I whined.

''You weren't whining yesterday when you were cuddling me,'' he informed me.

My cheek turned a light shade of pink and he made me a space so I could sit next to him.

''Sorry I took long,'' Mr.Whites said,'' I called you here because Summer school isn't working for both of you, I talked with both your parents and they agreed it was best to let you skip Summer school ,but you will have to quit cheer and your not an honor student anymore Gabby and Luke, no more football and you get suspended for the first 2 weeks school starts.''

''That's not fair!!'' I screamed,'' Mr. Sergio hates me! And I've seen Luke's grades! They aren't that bad, I'll tutor him....''

''Mrs. Flores, I'm glad you have a solution. I'll give you both a test for Mr. Sergio's class and if you pass I'll let you do your plan.''

He excused us then I followed him back to the class to talk to Ashton's.

''Where's the rest of your stuff?'' Ashton asked.

''Umm... This is all I have besides my shoes and makeup in Luke's house....''

15 minutes later, I got to Luke's house, since Ashton let me borrow his car, and I knocked then the door was opened by Luke.

''Oh, Hey Gabby, I- You can't come inside,'' he said trying to close the door.

''Luke I'm just getting my stuff, if you have another girl there it's fine I'll just grab my stuff and go,'' I whispered yelled pushing the door opposite from him.

He let me in with a nervous look on his face, I made one of my weird faces the walked inside. I rolled my eyes and.

Luke's POV:

I looked at her and saw her reaction to everything. I didn't want her to see this.

''What is this?'' She asked with an unreadable face.

''Gabby, it's-''


Thank you for reading :) I left it on Cliffhanger because it a secret!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (That's creepy, I know) please give me feedback good or back. It doesn't matter :P

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