Summer Trouble

I'm Gabby Florez, I had my life ahead of me. Good grades, popular, I had every boy at school in my heels. What happened when I lost my home, friends, family, clothes and family? We're Luke and Ashton my only escape? Or was it all a mistake? I knew they were Trouble when I saw them the first day of Summer School.


10. Day 5 1/2

''Gabby it's,'' I started explained, ''a surprise for your birthday tomorrow.''

''Are you serious??'' She asked with a huge smile on her face.

''Yeah I'm serious.''

She smiled and gave me one of the best hugs ever. I decorated the whole house with decorations, i placed cupcakes decorated with a black bow and Green, Pink, blue and Pastel purple colors, I also had a gift in a table. She pulled away from the hug and I started holding her thin waist. Her soft arms were wrapped around my cold neck. I looked into her beautiful emerald green eyes and she stared into my brown eyes. I started leaning closer causing our noses to touch. Her soft pink lips were now pressed against my darker ones. I kissed her instantly getting her to kiss back. I didn't feel sparks though, they were fireworks! It was like she was the only thing I could see.

Gabby's POV:

I pulled away from the kiss and look down at the floor feeling really bad. There was so reason to ,but there was also no reason to kiss him.

''I'm sorry, I shouldn't have, I mean, it's not that i didn't want to, I mean, I should, we, um, I don't kn-'' I started babbling but Luke kissed me once more. His warm hands were on my cheeks and his lips were soft against mine causing me to kiss back in reaction.

''Sorry Gabby, it's just I really like you and-''

I walked away confused about my feels, leaving to the guest room to get what I came here for. He followed after me like a lost puppy ,but I continued to grab my things not paying attention to him. He grabbed my arm turning me around to face him. I kept looking around just trying to not make eye contact. He quickly moved down and wrapped his arms around my legs and carried me away into another room.

''Put me down!!'' I screamed.

''Gabby listen to me,'' he said laying me down on his soft bed, ''I really like you and if you don't like me back it's okay. I just wanted to say that no matter what I don't want us to make things awkward. Okay?''

I smiled and said, ''Okay!''

His hands were still around my wrists and his body was still on mine. He looked down at my green eyes and I looked up at his shiny blue eyes. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my lips leaving me wanting more. He stood up then helped me up and I just stood there in shock.

''That's it?'' I asked.

''What do you mean Gabby?'' He asked confused.

''Your just going to kiss me then expect me to just leave?''

''I'm not telling you to leave.''

I rolled my eyes and started walking towards the guest room grabbing my stuff and heading towards the living room to get back to Ashton's. I grabbed the door knob waiting for him to stop me ,but he wasn't anywhere near. I sighed and just walked out the door desperately trying to forget what happened.

I got to Ashton's house and grabbed all my bags then walked inside to see nothing but darkness. My hand wildly looking for the light switch because I hate darkness. Once I found it, I turned the light on and saw it.

Ashton's POV:

Gabby walked inside and shock took over her beautiful face.

''What do you think?'' I asked her.

''It's... I like- no love it!'' She screamed giving me a hug.

I wrap my arms around her and picked her up and spun her around making her sweet giggles fill the room. I looked into her beautiful green eyes and kissed her softly.

''So will you be my girlfriend?'' I asked leading her towards the table I had set up with roses, a cake, balloons that were heart shaped, and a big poster that said: Will you be my girlfriend?



What do you think she's going to say???? :O Gashton or Labby??

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