Summer Trouble

I'm Gabby Florez, I had my life ahead of me. Good grades, popular, I had every boy at school in my heels. What happened when I lost my home, friends, family, clothes and family? We're Luke and Ashton my only escape? Or was it all a mistake? I knew they were Trouble when I saw them the first day of Summer School.


8. Day 4 1/2

I looked around only to see that I was left alone with no one to help me. I walked around only to end up in the same place I started. I followed the dirt road I found and it seemed like hours until I found a tree house. I walked to the tree and started climbing it.

''Anyone here?''I asked

There was no answer ,so I just walked inside. There was different types of lamps and beautifully decorated rooms. I walked inside a room ,but before I could turn around to get out, the door closed. I ran towards the door ,but it was locked. ''Help!'' I screamed until I realized there was no one there to help.

I sat down and broke into sobs. Someone wrapped their arms around me and started whispering that everything was going to be okay. I smiled until I knew it wasnt Luke holding me. I looked over at the person and screamed my lungs out.

''Who are you!?''I asked jumping away from their side.

''Its me, Harry,'' He said confused,''We go to the same school and we have almost all our classes together.''

''Styles?''I asked looking down to the floor embarassed.

''Yeah. but dont worry, everyone has break downs,'' he said with a smiled.

After like 3 hours, it was getting really late ,so I asked Harry if he could take me home. I do mean my house where my step mom will make my life miserable. He drove me there and he wished me goodluck ,which I thanked him.

''Thought you wouldnt come back,''She said witha smirk.

''What did you do??''I asked panicking.

''You dont have anything here anymore ,so I suggest you just leave,''She smiled

I ran to my room and saw nothing, nothing but a bed and a broken window.

''What did you do with my things!?'' I screamed going closer to her.

She kept moving back until she hit the wall.

''I sold everything.''

I bit my lip and my knuckles turned white. I was trying to hard not to punch her and keep my tears from falling. I ran to my room and looked inside the closet.

''Thank god,'' I whispered climbling up and finding my box.

I opened it and saw it was there, my letter, the one Daddy wrote me. I looked around and saw that i didnt have anything else ,but that.

I ran to school and saw Luke. Luke Hemmings.

''What the hell is your problem!?'' I screamed.

He ignored me and kept talking to Ashton and Micheal. Ashton ran up to me and hugged me.

''Thank god your okay,'' he whispered.

I smiled and hugged him back causing Luke to glare and made them leave.

''How did you get back?'' He asked.

''Why did you leave me there?'' I asked back.

''Why dont you understand that I love you?'' He asked.

''Why dont you understand that i dont?'' I asked back.

He moved closer and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me closer and ended it with a kiss. I kissed back and started smiling. Why could he do this? Make me hate him yet love him at the same time.

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