Summer Trouble

I'm Gabby Florez, I had my life ahead of me. Good grades, popular, I had every boy at school in my heels. What happened when I lost my home, friends, family, clothes and family? We're Luke and Ashton my only escape? Or was it all a mistake? I knew they were Trouble when I saw them the first day of Summer School.


2. Day 1

I had to go to Summer school because my MOTHER.... Yeah I don't call her mom or any of that shit because I don't like her and she ain't my mom!... Anyway she made me go because I'm a great student and I can't be failing any classes.

"Gabriela! Are you ready?" She asked downstairs.

"Can't you fucken wait!?!?" I screamed.

I started changing into my black floral blouse and my black skinny jeans. After that I applied mascara and pink lipstick. I put on my black heels and started walking down stairs.

"I'm done!" I screamed.

No one answered so I just went to the kitchen to find food. When I opened the fridge a note was placed on the cake I was about to eat. It read:

Gabby I had to leave for work already and I knew you'd come and eat the cake left so I wanted to tell you that your walking to school today so hurry before your late!

I groan and grab the cake throwing the letter away. I open the front door and whisper," wish me luck," to Marshmellow, my white pomerian puppy.

-at school-

I walk into the cafeteria where summer school is usually held ,but no one was there. I took the note from my bag that Mr.Sergio gave me.

"Really? Library? They suck ass," I said to myself. I walked to the library ,but instead of opening the door like a normal person would... I kicked the door open. Everyone stared at me and 4 guys caught my attention.

The one with blonde hair said," I remember the day I did that, it was embarrassing."

"That was hilarious," the one with black hair said.

"She's hot," the one with red hair stated, totally checking me out.

"True," another one with darker hair answered back.

"Ms. Hernandez may you please take a seat." Mr. Whites asked politely.

"I don't like sitting with nerds I'm sorry," I said back looking at the only empty table that had a nerdy guy in it.

"You can sit here," the blonde guy said making the black haired guy leave.

I sat down next to him and took out my phone.

"Mrs. Hernandez! phone! Now!" The principle said. He can be so annoying sometimes.

"If your going to pay my cell service then my pleasure."

He rolled his eyes and said," I'm going to a meeting but I'll be right back! Veronica please watch them."

The nerd nodded and started reading a book then he walked out the door.

"So hot stuff why are you here?" The guy asked.

"What's your name?," I changed the subject

"Luke," he answered," Luke Hemmings."

"I'm Gabby...... Why are you here?"

"I spray painted the boys locker room, they needed some blue in them. I put up posters around the school of some guy picking his nose, they needed to see that. I was also making out with this girl in the janitors closet..." He smiled remembering all the moments.

"Aren't you suppose to be expelled for all that?" I asked confused.

"Nah the principe is my aunts boyfriend, he can't expel me. Why are you here?"

"Lucky! I'm here because I am a living hell to Mr. Sergio... And he's failing me.... One time I put a lizard in his cup of water! He almost drank it."

"So your a bad girl, hot stuff?"

"Nope I'm a goody goody just not to him." I smiled innocently and looked away.

He grabbed my hand and started playing with my fingers while I was listening to music. I looked over at him... He's way cute. He intertwined our fingers together and kissed my hand.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Looking into your beautiful eyes." He said," I'm kidding, I'm just bored."

I rolled my eyes and stood up and started walking towards the door," I'm not staying in this jail."

Luke started walking next to me and I don't know if it was my imagination but he grabbed my arse as we headed out and his little friends started whistling.

It's going to be a long afternoon...

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