The world is about to change...all because of the SuperNova.


6. 3

“Well, Lantana, you seem to be in perfect health, just like the rest of the Touched. Everything is perfect, with not a single problem to be found. It’s…”

         Lantana sighed and threw words at the doctor. “Baffling? Unusual? Confuddling? Impossible?”

         “With the obvious elimination of ‘impossible’, I’d say all of the above.”

         Lantana rolled her eyes and slid off the examination table. “So what now? Lock me up in a cage for ten days to see if I have alien rabies?”

         Mrs. Astrell gasped from her seat in the corner of the room. “Lantana, this is serious!”

         Lantana scowled. “Look, I’m sick of being treated like a goddamn experiment. I just want to go home, blast my music, snarf down a bag of chips, and read my new Jodi Picoult book. Is that really too much to ask?”

         A heavy silence followed her words as the doctor and Mrs. Astrell found themselves unable to respond. Lantana scowled, turned on her heel, and marched out of the room.



         “Lantana, honey…”

         Lantana kept walking. Frustrated, Mrs. Astrell drove slowly alongside her daughter. “Lantana, please. Get in the car.”

         Lantana suddenly stopped. Mrs. Astrell held down the brake. “Honey?”

         Lantana stood frozen, staring at something in the distance.


         Lantana’s head slowly turned. Mrs. Astrell gasped. Her daughter’s beautiful blue-green irises were now colored an eerie, radiant red. Lantana turned her crimson gaze away from her mother and looked up at the sky.



         There was a voice in Lantana’s head.

         You are the Star. You must give yourself up to let your planet be reborn. You must become a SuperNova. Do you accept your destiny?”

         Lantana heard her mother screaming. She closed her eyes.

         “I accept.”



Mrs. Astrell watched as her daughter began to radiate a ruby glow. The red faded to black, and it was this strange black aura that began to grow around Lantana. It crawled along the sidewalk, it shadowed Mrs. Astrell’s car.

Then it covered Mrs. Astrell, and she could watch no more.

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