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This story takes place during The Last Olympian, it is sort of a remake but it will have many similarities with the book. I will also use quotes from the books and the characters from the books expect I will make some new ones.

Percy Jackson, The Last Olympian fan fiction,
Movellas © Kevin_et_moi, 2015 and © Rick Riordan
Competing for the battle of the fandoms


1. Turn the Tables


        Dora's P.O.V

 "Hey Tyson, where is dad?" I ask my half brother as I swim through the magnificent palace of my father. "Daddy? He is in his room." Tyson answers smiling. "Thanks" I answer and continue swimming. My father gets locked in his room most of his free time (and trust me he doesn't have much of it) and looks after Percy. In the most stalkarish way possible but, at least he cares about him.

  Unlike most of the other Gods who just let their children survive my dad always kept a close eye on us, (me and Percy) but I don't blame the rest of the Gods, their life is full of problems. Like mine, my life is always full of problems and lies... Dirty, rotten lies and dangers. On every freaking corner, anywhere I go my life depends on Ammos, my six feet celestial bronze and sand sword. I tug lightly on my bed necklace around my neck and my fingers feel a sandy shell. Tucking it carefully under my shirt I continue swimming.

  Ouch, I bumped into someone or by the feel of it something and screamed out loudly bubbles rising out of my mouth as I spoke. I glared at the palace wall and only then noticed that I was standing in front of my father's bedroom.

  Knock, knock. I knocked on the door and without waiting for the permission to come in I opened the huge mosaic doors and swam in (most mortals reading this would think I'm nuts, which isn't a lie but... I actually swam into my dad's bedroom). My dad was sitting at a huge sandy coulored chair with a shell open in front of him, the shell was reflecting a message which looked exactly like an Iris-message.

  "Hello father!" I say happily and swim in closer to him where I could clearly see a Percy moving around a corridor. "Percy will be to-" but I get cut off as soon as I saw what that Seaweed Brain was doing. He was on the Princes Andromeda ship surrounded by all sorts of monsters and him. The devil. The Titan. I knew Kronos will not show mercy and will kill Percy with just a stab of his deadly scythe. I could hear what Percy was thinking.  

  I have to fight him eventually. Why not now? I heard it, his though, his seaweed brain wasn't going in the right direction, he will charge, he will try to kill Kronos, and he will fail... Cause that's who Percy is, a staborn looser, but that's only when he doesn't use his brain. As Percy uncapped Riptide and charged at the monster who had the power of slowing time down, making you feel week and tired I chewed on my lip nervously. 

 The palace shook with terror as something exploded outside, the Earth shook violently and Triton swan in to the room. His two tails moved in synchrony and he was breathing heavily. "Attacks!" was the only words he said. My dad nodded his head and stood up. On the message there was a huge explosion and with a huge KAAA-BOOM sound the Princess Andromeda exploded into pieces. I scremed just because of the though of what happened to Beckerdrof.

  My dad and the Merman looked at the message. "I swear that boy is so stupid" I scream out with tears in my eyes. It's really weird to cry in the water since no one sees you crying. Your tears just simply mix with the water around you. My dad looked at me and I saw the twinkle in his eyes. He smiled a sad smile at me and nodded.

  "Theodora, it's the time." he looked back at the message which showed Percy sinking in to the sea uncontious. He turned towards me and if the moment wasn't so tense I would have told him how much I hate being called Theodora. Dora would be just fine for me, but I didn't. "It's time Percy knows the truth, he needs to read the prophecy." he states. "Send Tyson to fetch him" Dad tells Triton who leaves really quickly, he never liked me. 

 "As for you," my father turns and faces me, his face filled with sadness. "you will return to Camp and you will accompany Percy this year. You will keep him safe." my dad told me and put a hand on my shoulder. I nodded my head and took a deep watery breath in.

 I knew what was happening. It was my time to act, it was the time when I had to return to Camp and try to save him. I had to save Percy and take the prophecy on to my name. It was the time to switch the tables.


A/N competing for the competition the army of fandoms. Percy Jackson, The Last Olympian fanfiction:)

All rights reserved © Kevin_et_moi, 2015, a remake from the book, The Last Olympian, characters are owned by Rick Riordan expect Dora and some more I will make up throughout the way.

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