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This story takes place during The Last Olympian, it is sort of a remake but it will have many similarities with the book. I will also use quotes from the books and the characters from the books expect I will make some new ones.

Percy Jackson, The Last Olympian fan fiction,
Movellas © Kevin_et_moi, 2015 and © Rick Riordan
Competing for the battle of the fandoms


3. Three


    Her hair was orange and frizzy and she was sending darts at Percy's picture. She was standing in a huge room with floor to ceiling windows and the walls were covered in brown stone. Some unknown song which wasn't what I would usually listen to was playing from one corner of the huge room. The girl was wearing a kimono which looked completely weird if you looked at her facial features. 

   The picture of Percy which the weird girl was attacking looked like a painting. Percy was standing over the giant Antaeus. Percy looked fierce, disturbed, and it was hard to understand if he was good or bad. 

  "Demigods," the girl muttered under her breath and threw another dart with such a force I though a helhound jumped on to my bed. Ok exaggeration. "And their stupid quests." wow well, someone is on their period. 

   Then someone knocked or more like pounded on the door of the huge bedroom. "Rachel!" a man's deep voice shouted. "What in the world are you doing? Turn off that-" The girl scooped up a remote and turned the music off.  "Come in!"

   A man came in with a scold on his face. If I was in an alley and then he would walk in I would run. Yep as fast as I can. His hair was a darker shade of what the girl's was and it was weirdly smushed on one side. Well someone didn't get along with their pillow tonight.  

   "What is going on?" he demanded with a voice so strong I though Typhon just threw down the Empire State building together with Olympus. Ok that's not very good is it? "It's three in the morning."

    "Couldn't sleep." The girl simply said. A dart fell of Percy's face which made the man turn his attention towards it even though the girl tried to hide the rest behind her back. 

    "So . . . I take it your friend isn't coming to St. Thomas?" the man asked, his voice was filled with silent happiness.  The girl knit her eyebrows together "I don't know." she answered and shook her shoulders. The man didn't seem to be very happy with that answer.

     "We leave in the morning," the man said, "If he hasn't made up his mind yet—" the girl let out an annoyed breath. "He's probably not coming," the red head said, "Happy?" well that's not a way I would talk to my dad...

     The man aced the room looking it over carefully. He then settled in front of the girl who I might just say looked like his daughter. "Are you still having bad dreams? Headaches?"

    The darts the girl was holding fell on the floor. "I shouldn't have told you about that."

     "I'm worried, I'm your father!" the man exclaimed. Well that was on point, I should be a detective next time you see me.

 "It will be good for you to get away," her father decided finally after a small conversation of hamsters passing away and weird doctors who's names I can't even pronounce. "You've had some unhealthy influences." her father said shaking his head, he was standing in front of one of the huge mirrors which was overlooking New York. 

   "I'm not going to Clarion Ladies Academy," the red head said. "And my friends are none of your business."

 "Try to get some sleep," her father urged. "We'll be at the beach by tomorrow night. It will be fun."

   "Fun," the girl mocked. "Lots of fun." Her father exited the room leaving the door open behind him.

   The girl came up to an easel which was covered with a  sheet. When she opened it there was a painting which looked like it was drawn by her. A young boy who looked like Luke with no scar and a happy smile on his face was drawn. I seriously didn't know who this girl is but she gave me the creeps.

   The next picture was of the Empire State Building with lightning all around it. Behind I could see Typhon, or the storm which he created around him. A hand came down from the top of the clouds. Under the Empire State Building stood an army. 

    "Percy," she whispered which was weird to me since I am in no means Percy, "what is going on?" and that's when I woke up with a start. The sun outside was just rising but I could hear the Apollo cabin clearly in the distance, just like their dad, up with the sunrise

   I got out of bed and looked over to see Percy shifting in bed slightly. I slipped on my clothes and my black beanie before exiting the cabin. 

   "Good morning Chiron." I yawn and wave at him. "Hello Dora" Chiron emphasizes my name and I laugh. "Ok I actually didn't expect you to wake up this yearly, but here, I have made you a training skedgual (A/N have no idea how you spell that so time table for those who have no idea what I'm talking about)" Chiron hands me a piece of paper which pretty much outlined all of the types of fighting there is. "Thanks" I smile at him and make my wave to the dining pavilion.

    The camp was a little mess. Satyrs were running around stressed since they were all having trouble to find demigods across the country as it was filled with monsters. Naiads and tree Nymphs were running around (of course staying next to their source of life) but they were also stressed. I made my way up to the Poseidon table looking down at the long gray scar on the floor. 

    Percy was quietly eating his breakfast and staring at the scar I was walking on. I sat in front of him, my place overlooked the sea which was a nicer view than a boring scar on the ground.

    "Who are you?" Percy asks me quietly. Oh well I guess this little boy never got a sibling before. "I am Dora Took, 16 year old..." I got stuck at that one, who am I? "half-blood.... erm, what else should I say?" I smile politely and look at him. 

    "Half blood?How come you are 16 then?" I was about to say, oh well you see I am sort of immortal but chose better not to, lets use my other excuse. "I was stuck in the Lotus Casino for a while." I nod my head. I've heard tales of that place, but personally I never got to experience the actual thing. Oh well I guess I am lucky.

    "Oh, well I guess you will fight with me?" He asked and I smiled. "Of course I will, that's why I am here Jelly fish brain." I answered and took a sip of tea out of my goblet. "Oh wow, look at that, I have a new nickname now, what should I call you then sis?" he asked sassily. "Did you just call me sis?" I laugh making his face turn scarlet.

    "Whats that?" Percy asks and point at my scedual. "Oh its like a time table, for my training. Here check it out." I give him the paper and he tales it reading through it carefully. "Whats power training?" Percy asks me pointing at a slot, my first lesson. I shake my shoulders indicating that I have no idea when in reality I do. 

     It is know that many demigods, have the many special powers such as Percy for example. He has the power to manipulate with salt water at his will, he can also manipulate with it at risky situations but gets exhausted pretty quickly. Well my powers are a bit more strong than Percy's and that is one main reason why Chiron himself is going to be training me at the amphitheater.

     After breakfast, Percy went to sort out some reports for Chiron while I went to the amphitheater for our practice. "Hey Chiron!" I yelled when I saw him in his full white Stallion horse. "Hello Dora, so you see I have added your special training session with me as usual. Got any improvement?" He asked me but I shook my head. 

     "See the problem is that when I am very angry I can turn people into sea shells (long story, very long story)" I say shamefully and put my head down. Chiron laughs "I have seen by far more dangerous things you have done than just turning people into sea shells. "Yeah yeah I have..." I mumble under my breath and stabilize my hat a little bit better on my head. 

     "About the hat," Chiron pointed, "can we fight in a helmet." I shook my head, no. See the problem is that I always fight in my hat, you never see me outside standing without this hat, it is a gift from my father. He asked Minerva a Roman goddess, yep they exist as well, to weave it specially for me. The thing is that this black hat is made out of special threat which keeps my powers from going hay wire which they usually do when some clever idiot thinks he is being funny and takes it away from me like Travis once did. 

    "Ok then, lets start." Chiron said and galloped away leaving me with the unexpected warm up. It usually started with one or two arrows coming my way which I would usually deflect with a wall of salty water standing around me like a barrier. 

    Then we would have a couple of monsters run in to the arena which I will have to fight using my water and powers which started to impress me as well. I felt a small tug in my stomach and a huge wave came out of no where crashing the monsters. Water swiveled around me like a tornado and crashed the monsters making them go weaker. I ripped my necklace from my throat and my 6 feet sword grew in size just on font of me. 

     I slashed the first monster and it disintegrated to ashes. The second monster charged at me but my hand filled with electricity sending it through my sword and when I slashed the monster in its belly it disintegrated as well with a small jet of electricity.

    I could feel my hair sparkling a little bit and I could hear the familiar sound of electric cracks go through it. Oh Gods, I should slow down.. but i couldn't because the next monster tackled me to the ground knocking Ammos out of my hand. My sword flew out of my hand and landed at about 10 meters away from me and I knew I had to act with my powers. 

    I hissed with anger and a huge wave of water and electricity crashed on the huge serpent but it wouldn't let go off me. My hands boiled with electricity again and when I wrapped my fingers around the monsters neck it send a jet of electricity through its body and threw it flying backwards. I got quickly onto my feet, the sandy floor filling in with water and when I willed two waves to crash the monster from back and front it charged at me, I lost control of the water and it smashed into me throwing me backwards and my hat just flew off me. 

  I swore quietly under my breath and I felt that my anger was becoming uncontrollable. My hair sparkled with a jet of electricity and and my hands felt so hot the tips of my fingers started smoking. It didn't hurt though. I glared at the monster and as I did so a huge 3 meter tornado was build up. With every step forward the ground shook. The serpent serpent hissed at me and I felt my eyes become blue. I willed and the tornado attached the monster sending it high into the sky where it was attacked by a huge lightning bolt. 

  The monster disintegrated into ashes and the storm I have created died down together with me. Now all I remember were two strong hands catching me and some curly hair sticking out in random directions. 

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