My First Class

Starting at a new school isn't easy... Especially when you have been homeschooled your whole life!
WARNING coarse language


1. A New Start

First day at my new school. I've been homeschooled my whole life. Until this moment. I'm joining high school halfway through term four of year ten. I know right... Pretty bad time to start. My first class ever; photography. I go to sit down and can already tell where the popularity divisions are at. There's the bitchy popular girls at one table. Popular boys at another table close by. And finally, a couple of people who are actually interested in photography. I can't decide where I want to sit so I stick to the teacher like glue. He eventually introduces me in front of the class and I get a better look at all the people at the tables. At the popular girls table some of them have resting bitch faces... And some of them have plastered on a fake smile, trying to get me to like them -not to be my friend though- only so they can use me. They all have faces plastered in makeup and dry, crunchy hair that has probably been dyed and straightened more times than you could count. They're still pretty though. That's why everyone likes them. None of them are wearing glasses. I push my own back up my nose. I look over to the photog lovers. They seem alright... But I'm not really into photography. I had my subjects chosen for me. Finally, I look over to the boys table and my eyes widen. Imagine your crush. Now imagine someone ten times hotter. That's who I'm looking at right now. He's gorgeous. I shake my head. He's probably a douche. ....even though he is super cute... Never mind! Forget I said anything. The teacher makes me sit with the photog lovers. I'm kinda glad about that because I didn't want to sit with the girls. And sitting with the boys would just be awkward.

The teacher comes over and explains that the class is doing a group project where they have to make a short film before he lets me fend for my self in the wildness of the classroom. The girl next to me smiles a proper smile, "Hi! Mr Davey said your name was Cathy, right? I'm Melanie. And this is Alice." Melanie points the the girl across from her who does a little wave.

I smile back, "Nice to meet you." I nod to each of them.

The boy across from me pipes up, "I'm Frederic." He smiles before look back at the camera he is holding.

"We were going to film today but our main actor moved schools... Fred was going to take her part but since you're here..." Melanie turns to me.

"What? Me? Are you sure?" I say.

Frederic looks up again, "It's either you or me. And my face is made for the camera's butt so... Yeah."

We laugh and I agree to be their actor even though the teacher said I didn't have to take part in this assignment.

I learn the lines, we film and the final product gets an A. So that's how I made my first friends at highschool.

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