His Kind

Meet Rebecca Wijd. Your typical nerd at school, straight A report card, teacher's pet, goody-two-shoes. But what happened when Ivan Dietrich met her at a local bar on a Friday night?


1. Le Bronc

A"Ow, what the hell!" I rubbed my nose vigorously, scared if I broke my nose. Oh holy schmoley! I can't be one of those inept girls from books that I've read. "I hate my life." I grumbled aloud, hearing my sister's laughter echoed throughout the house. 

"What are you laughing at?"

"You fell didn't you?" She barked out a laugh.

"Shut up, you bish." 

"I heard a thump and I thought who else could it be?" 

"SHUT UP! Ow!" I groaned. 

Quickly running to my room, I opened my mouth and grinned at the mirror, checking if I happened to knock down both of my front teeth. I sighed a great relief when it didn't. 


"Oh, no, you didn't! It hurts like a motherfucking bitch! I thought I broke my nose and knocked my two front teeth!" I exclaimed at both of my two best friends, Belle and Arthur. I swear when I heard of Belle's name, my thoughts suddenly remembered of that disney movie, Beauty and The Best, and when I heard of Arthur's name, I suddenly remembered Arthur the rabbit and Arthur and The Minimoys. Not even sorry. 

"Leel." Arthur said with a straight face. Ass. 

"Hey, wanna go to Le Bronc tonight?" Belle asked, whispering, as her face lit up as if she's gotten her dream car, Maserati Grancabrio MC.

Le Bronc. Our majestic and grandiose local bar which is located half an hour away from my house and fifteen minutes away form both Belle and Arthur's house. They're not siblings, just best friends. Four things that you must know about Le Bronc bar and lounge.

1. You have to make a reservation at least a day before to enter. 

2. You have to have at least $100 to be able to get in there or you can't purchase anything (this bar can suck my ass because I'm broke 75% of the time and that means a lot).  

3. You are required to wear a mask unless you've found a partner to dance and spend the rest of the night with (again, this bar can suck my ass because I don't have those perfect genes that tumblr girls have).

4. You are not allowed to have sex or you'll have to pay $50 as a penalty. 

"Le Bronc?" I smirked. "Already reserved." 


Dressing in a Zuhair Murad black jumpsuit, a pair of Casadei black pointy toe heels, and a black clutch, I'm good to go. Since Belle and Arthur lives closer to the bar than I do, it's just out of mind if either one have to pick me up. Ordering a cab fifteen minutes before, I arrived at Belle's house fifteen minutes later. Let's be real, I'm not wasting my money just for cabs. 

Arriving at my destination, I paid the cab and thanked the driver. Belle's three story minimalist house came into view. 

"Hey Mrs. Prims." I beamed when she opened the door, crushing me into her infamous hug.

"Rebecca, darling! You look beautiful! Impressing someone tonight?" She winked. 

"Oh no, no, Mrs. Prims." I chuckled nervously. 

"It's been a long time since we've met! Belle is just upstairs, go ahead." She pointed. 

"Thanks, Mrs. Prims." 

Detaching my heels, I ran to her room, wanting to fix my makeups and do my hair here. 

"Belle, open up!" I pounded on her door. She has this name plate thing that's made of glass hanging on the door. The inscription on the glass plate said, "Belle's Refuge" in cursive writing. 

She unlocks her door, pulled me in and send the both of us crashing down into the plush white carpet. "Oof." 


"I'm gonna go and get us a drink!" Belle shouted over the loud music, in which I nodded in return.

Searching for an empty booth, my eyes wandered around. After I found one, I texted both Belle and Arthur the location of the booth. Le Bronc is not only the top local bar in our town, it's also the biggest. as crazy as it sounds, it has a map in front of the bar. 

"What's this?" I shouted, wrinkling my nose as the smell hit my nose. 

"Mount Gay rum." She shouted back. "Let's do shots!" Then, she left to go get vodka. 

"One, two, three." Both of us chant before chugging it in. 

I lost count of how many shots I had before my mind starts feeling fuzzy. 

"Do you want to know my name?" A guy slid into the booth next to me and winked. How dare he winked at me! I barely know him!

"Do you want me to kick your bockwurst?" I snapped back, slurring every words that came out. 

"My name's Ivan. Ivan Dietrich." He smirked.


Not edited. My apologies. 

Picture of Rebecca's outfits for Le Bronc at the very top !

xx ;)


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