Say goodbye to Heisenberg

Skylar and Walt have been on opposite sides with his meth cooking will they work it out or will Walt face terrible consequences for his once good intentions


6. Todd's last words part 2







By the time Lydia reached the DEA she was weak from dehydration. Agent schrater  agent schrater called the temp. I got Lydia quell here for you. Ok said Hank. I'll be right there.  Hank babe we need to go take down some dealers she just told me  that there after walt. Marie you know what'll happen he's done anyway. Look at me hank I promised skyler that he'd go free and that we'd end the investigation if he stopped. Marie... Hank if don't I'll go alone. She grabbed her weapon , her cell phone , and her badge without another word.  Your really gonna let her walk out like that asked gomey. Whada you think? Hank retorted.





Back at at the white residence 




walt who are these people? 

My names Todd and this is badger and skinny Pete. Why are you here she asked. Jacks after you  he's made it his missing to have his guys after you. Why are telling me tho I thought you hated me. I don't hate you


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