Say goodbye to Heisenberg

Skylar and Walt have been on opposite sides with his meth cooking will they work it out or will Walt face terrible consequences for his once good intentions


4. Skyler's love sick attempt

I love you walt please think about this if not for me than our kids. They shouldn't have to see thier father in a jail cell walt! Please... Do it for the family. know I'm ..I know your doing this for the family walt I see now why you feel shut out and I'm sorry but I love you and I need you. You need me? Skyler I told you I don't need you in this. Please walt what about junior and holly do want her to find out about your past drug dealing? How would she find out only if you told her right? What if hank catches you and puts you away? Skyler...she leaned forward and gave him a mouth watering kiss. Take me to bed she moaned in his ear.

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