Say goodbye to Heisenberg

Skylar and Walt have been on opposite sides with his meth cooking will they work it out or will Walt face terrible consequences for his once good intentions


2. Marie's request

Skyler are you seriously considering this?!? Maire.. Skyler walt is a criminal you know that don't you? He's not a criminal he's my husband she said in angered triumph.  Your husband he got mine shot!!!! Well it wasn't him who shot hank it was Gus fring not him. Look skyler you clearly still care about  I'll make you a deal if you want walt to stay out of jail  you'll cut of all contact with everyone that he worked with in that drug lord empire of his. In addition no harm comes to hank or me ever again.. You understand?  No harm comes to hank and walt gets go free completely free? Yes said Marie, we'll drop all charges and never speak of this whole thing ever again. No charges? Nope. And you'll never speak of this again? No answered Maire finally.

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