Say goodbye to Heisenberg

Skylar and Walt have been on opposite sides with his meth cooking will they work it out or will Walt face terrible consequences for his once good intentions


1. Jesse's news

  Yo bitch where you at? Right here checking the thermostats like I told you to do hours ago said Walt. You are a complete asshole man I had to sit around the damn lab for three hours before you showed up! Sorry I didn't come running, skyler  insisted on driving me to work so I could see Holly. Ok so you get to play happy family while I do all the work. Yeah real funny. I said I was sorry. Well whatever just help me get this unloaded. They spent hours in the lab without checking the time or stopping to say anything to each other.  So  how is the mrs? She's great and your what's her name Andrea and that little boy? Brock yeah he's good doing real good he said lighting a smoke. The phone rang and Jesse reached for it, Hello? Were is he asked a worried skyler. Walt were is he? Ok hey mrs white.. He's ah he's ah right here, here man he said to walt. It's your wife. Oh hey skyler how are you? I'm fine when are you getting home? Ah soon after I get done unloading this last barrel. Walt junior is going to be home in 15 minutes you promised him you'd drive him home from school.  He'll be fine just call him and tell him I'm running late ok bye he said and hung up. Wha did she want? She wanted to say hi. Look I have to pick up my son after school can you handle this? Sure man I got this. 

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