'I go though my life, day to day, week to week living it by my rules.'

Follow me on my journey from now till next year.
My 'Dear Diary...' competition entry.


4. 29.05.2015 - Busy Busy Busy.

Dear Diary,


The next 2 weeks is going to be so busy. Tomorrow i have a dance competition, Sunday i have work, Monday school and work. Then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I'm at the theater for my musical. Then Friday I'm driving over to Ballarat with my mum, and we are staying there for 2 nights. Sunday we come home and i have Monday and Tuesday off school. Then the rest of the school week i have mid year Exams.

I have dance competitions thought school SSP (Specialist Sport Program), I'm doing a contemporary performance created by a year 12.

The musical we are doing is Little Shop of Horrors and i enjoy it so much. I'm not singing but i am dancing.

We are going over to Ballarat because my mum works over there and I'm having a holiday. 


Today wasn't a bad day. I have a cold so i couldn't breath well but I survived. ahah. I am having a few problems with a girl at my school. She never greets me properly, its always "Can you-?" this "Can you-?" that. She is always trying to get me together stuff and buy her food, everyday. also she is always grabbing me and pulling me around. I have tried to show her that i don't like it by yanking my arm away and brushing it also by refusing to get her food, and by saying i have to go do something. I don't think she gets it though...


I need to get some sleep, tomorrow is gonna be super busy. :D


Jaws Of The Jungle.




Hi all. Sorry i haven't updated in ages. I have been trying to get in front with my work because of my entire week off. 

I love you all. 

Jaws. :D

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