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My 'Dear Diary...' competition entry.


2. 17.05.2015 - Tumbler Room.

Dear Diary,


I woke up late today but full of energy. I had a busy day yesterday and the day before when i was at my friends house. I stayed over my friend Emma's house and then yesterday we saw the movie Unfriended with a few of my other friends. It was a great movie, but i got really scared, it's a horror movie and it had many jump scares. I admit i did scream at a few points and i cried a lot. I don't like to cry in front of people, but i was really scared.

Today once i woke up i went on YouTube and watched some of my favorite YouTuber's; IISuperwomanII and Jenna Marbles. While i was watching i noticed other things popping up in suggestions which was DIY tumbler rooms. So i clicked on one and watched it. I ended up watching two or three and they gave me ideas on how to change my own room and make it look better.

I spend about 70% of my day doing my room up and i am really happy with my results. I had already started a wall of posters so i added more, i created words with magazines ( i wrote: Pizza + Me = <3 ), i also re-decorated my desk shelves and other table tops. I was so motivated today for some reason, it was kind of weird because I'm normally a lazy person.

Also today i finished the end of the latest book im reading which is the last book in The Mortal Instruments series, Heavenly Fire. My next book is the Bane Chronicles, which is about a character from the book series i just finished. 

Overall, today was amazing, i was really motivated and happy and i enjoyed the entire day!

I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow because its Monday and i have school which is going to be boring and frustrating. 



Jaws of the Jungle.


Hay all. thanks for reading my Dear Diary competition entry. It makes me happppy!

If you wondering, i called this diary SuperWoman because one of my best friends calls me a super hero and also i love IISuperwomanII so much! Also, I'm called Jaws because of a funny story from when i was in year eight, when i tried to bite my friends food while she wasn't looking and a teacher saw and called me Jaws like the shark from the movie. And 'of the jungle' because my mum says I'm like a jungle girl because i don't feel the cold or the hot so I'm always wearing shirts. So if you sling that all together I'm 'Jaws of the jungle, the super hero.'   hahahahaha sorry for the long message, i just thought i better explain. 

I love you all so much.



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