The Auction Sequel


4. Torn

"I'm sorry, I don't think I introduced myself. My name is Gemma Styles, I'm Harry's sister." The nausea swirled, unrestrained, in my empty stomach. My head swam with half-formed regrets and despair. My heart felt as though my blood had become a tar-like substance as it struggled to keep a steady beat. My melancholy mood hung over me like a black cloud, raining my personal sorrow down on me in those few moments of silence that followed. Even the colours of Niall's gorgeous eyes were drab to me now and my children's laughter like so much noise on a child's glockenspiel, grating my nerves. It was as if an isatiable fire had occurred inside of me, coursing through y veins and engulfing my entire being as all oxygen was being extracted from my body in a whirlwind. I could not even begin to form a singular coherent thought. I clutched at my heart at the mere memory of him - so beautiful. Brunette locks framing his face to perfection, tanned skin that covered his entire body, inkings that effortlessly adorned his skin, and those gorgeous, deep, nourishing emerald eyes. I noticed Niall's and Gemma's lips moving rapidly, although I could not hear a word of what they were uttering. It was as if none of my vital organs nor senses had the ability to function, I was in pure shock and heartbreak at the fond memories of my former lover. I didn't think, at that exact moment, that my body would be able to overcome the inferno consuming my every thought, until my ears became be-known to Gemma's crucial words, that could undeniably change everything,

"Harry wants to see you." I didn't have to even glimpse at her, for I knew by the malice laced in her words, that the statement was directed at me, and only me. 

"Lily, baby. Do you need to sit down? Do you want her to leave? Whatever you want to do, I've got you. What do you want me to do? You can see him, if you'd like - I mean, you don't have to. In no way am I forcing you, just tell me what you want to do L. " Niall's words flew out of his vocal cords with such elegance, like an art form, that I questioned how I could be so effected by Harry, when I had this beautiful boy stood beside me.

"I'm fine, I-I-I don't know, I just. Can I have his address? N-Number, maybe um, anything. I-If I choose to contact him." I spoke softly, using my breath rather than my voice, which I doubted I was capable of doing at that current time. 

"Lily, he has no way for you to contact him, virtually that is." Gemma sighed, an emotion that I couldn't decipher prominent in her sorrowful eyes.

"What do you mean? Just give me his address!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands into the air, full of frustration.

"Harry's in hospital." Coughing, Gemma's words didn't appear to process in my mind as Niall gripped my hand. I was overcome with so many unrecognisable emotions. Positioning m body so that I was hidden from Gemma's harsh glare, I motioned to Niall to acquire details and then make her leave. I didn't want her here. Hell, I didn't want him. I had no problem with her, it was him, all along, it was supposed to be me and him. It was supposed to be me and Harry.



Greetings all, just a quick apology regarding the length of the chapters so far, I understand they are short but as the book progresses, their length will increase, as I'm jut getting into the book. Let me know what you think! x

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