The Auction Sequel


1. Prologue


Everything was occurring so happily. Me and Niall made a beautiful family to accompany us in life, two daughters : Casey and Joy. They were gorgeous, I still can't believe how us two simple people could create two perfect beings. It was incredible. Niall had completely developed his personality, he'd learnt to control his feelings, he made us feel safe. It was a beautiful relationship. And, it still continues to be. We are simply, in love, and I feel as though nothing could change that. Since the beginning of our journey together, we've adapted so incredibly into our relationship. There is never any conflicting matters, we're merely just serene. Niall, sold his previous, pathetic excuse of a 'home', and we fled, fled from that horrific place which contained so many unforgettable memories. But, no need to dwell on the past. Not anymore. Because, for the first time in my life, I am happy.

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