The drummer's little sisters

Ashton has to take his two younger sisters on tour with them.What kind of drama will they create.
Will Jenna, and Allison-Marie blow it for the boys, or will one of the boys catch there heart?


4. plane ride

Michael's pov-

"Hello airport"

I said really loud

"Stop being loud"Luke whisper screamed at me

"Whatever sassy" I laughed as I said

We got to the airport

As our body guards gave us our passports

Cause we're not aloud to carry ours anymore

Because one time I kinda sorta lost mine


Luke's pov-

Michael was being his annoying self and being loud this morning the usual

Once we got on the plane we were placed in our seats

Calum's pov-

I ended up sitting next to (near the window) with Michael and Allison

Luke ended up to Ashton and Jenna

Luke seemed to be flirting with Jenna

She looked uncomfortable

I got up and

"Hey Luke, can I talk to you. In private"

He got up and we walked away

"Dude Jenna is getting uncomfortable

So stop flirting with her"I said in a calm tone

"Oh dude do u like her?!" Luke said with a smirk

"Ummm what no,pish posh"I said nervously

"Oh I get it all positives about you"

"No."I said

Before I finished the lady came on the intercom

"Ok about to lift off please get in your seats and buckle up"


Luke's pov-

Calm is crushing on Jenna

I'm going to tell Jenna but I'll try to be sutle

"Hey Jenna, sorry for flirting with you but I have a question"

"Yes."she said kinda nervously

"There's a boy in the band who likes you.But he wants to know who you like first"I said with a smirk while nudging my head in calum's direction

"Well I kinda like the Asian one" she said laughing

"That's cool cause the Asian one likes you"

"No duh blondy"she laughed even harder

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