The drummer's little sisters

Ashton has to take his two younger sisters on tour with them.What kind of drama will they create.
Will Jenna, and Allison-Marie blow it for the boys, or will one of the boys catch there heart?


3. I think of you as more than a friend

Claum's pov-

Wow she looks hot today


Don't think like that she's your best friend

And that's all you think of her that's final

Ugh but why is she so hot

"Hey cal-pal" Jenna said all happily

"Hi-i" I stutterd

Why am I so nervous

You've know her for almost your whole life

We talked for a while

I finally stopped getting nervous and stuttering


She got rlly tired and laid her arms around my waist and cuddled next to me

I was literally yelling at my self in my head

My heart was racing

Allison's pov-

When I got in the limo I say in between Luke and Michael

Luke has always had a crush on me

But I don't know

I kinda like Michael he looks really hot with his new hair color it's red

Plus me and Michael both love dying our hair

When I get to the hotel after the flight I'm going to dye my hair

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