Doctor's Eleven

A mysterious person has set up the first eleven Doctors to pull off an impossible heist: a Dalek fortress.


9. The Twelfth Doctor

Twelve gasped for air. The other Doctors found their TARDISes.

Nine grabbed Twelve by his shirt collar. "You've got some explaining to do. The whole story. Now." He threw Twelve on the ground.

"The Master somehow survived the Time War, and found me. Held me at gunpoint, the whole thing. HE made me track down all of you, kidnap you, wipe your memories, and put you in his TARDIS. He dropped you off at Skaro before you woke up."

Ten scowled. "And the data? What's so important about it?"

"It has all the collective knowledge of the Doctor in it. Every scrap of information known to creation is in there. He was planning to sell it. But, well...this happened."

Eleven stood up. "I'm glad it did. This needs to be destroyed. I'll take care of it."

He ran into his TARDIS. He came back about three seconds after.

"Destroyed in a fiery inferno. The inferno was in 1666. Granted, I had to start to the fire, but I'm sure it was taken care...oh dear."

"What?" asked Six.

"I think I caused the Great Fire of London."

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