Doctor's Eleven

A mysterious person has set up the first eleven Doctors to pull off an impossible heist: a Dalek fortress.


6. The Tenth Doctor

Ten and Eight were also disguised as prisoners.

Eleven's voice greeted them. "Alright, Distraction Team!"

The two prisoners hid behind the Dalek guards.

"The Vault Team is pulling the data in three...two...ONE!"

Ten kicked over a Dalek, and Eight pushed the other over, smashing its eyestalk.

"My vision is impaired! My vision is impaired!"

A loud alarm went off, presumably from the vault team.

"Tell me again why we did this!" yelled Ten.

"The Daleks think the alarm is from you trying to escape! They'll all come to you to stop you, so the Vault Team can get to our TARDIS, which Getaway parked outside the building. Once they're in, we'll pick you up and we're home free!"

Ten saw the massive Dalek army ahead of him. "Can we get rid of these disguises?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure!" said Eleven.

Ten deactivated it, but didn't stop running. Eight did the same. Ten looked over and saw four people get in the TARDIS. It flew upward and careened toward them.

It looked like a default TARDIS: a black cylinder with a grey sliding door. The door slid open and lowered to the ground. Eight jumped in first, and reached for Ten's hand. Ten grabbed it and the TARDIS flew up.

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