Doctor's Eleven

A mysterious person has set up the first eleven Doctors to pull off an impossible heist: a Dalek fortress.


2. The Ninth Doctor

The Doctor was spinning an office chair unhappily. (Which is nearly impossible.) A large TV screen slid out of the wall, and the image of a large chair, the back facing the camera. The person in the chair spoke. He was clearly Scottish.

"Hello, Doctors. I am the Architect. This room is a salvaged TARDIS in the disguise of a boulder outside of a Dalek fortress. The Daleks have obtained...certain files that I would not like them have much longer. An official reading of the files by the Dalek emperor has been scheduled in four weeks. You have that much time to get the files. Send me a message and I'll give the coordinates for the drop-off. Your TARDISes will be there. Good luck."

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