Doctor's Eleven

A mysterious person has set up the first eleven Doctors to pull off an impossible heist: a Dalek fortress.


3. The Eleventh Doctor

Whoever can take eleven versions of me and put them in a room with no consequences is extremely powerful, thought the Eleventh Doctor. He opened the door and looked outside.

They were on Skaro. The fortress was a collection of buildings, from small huts to massive structures. Dalek ships flew in and out non-stop, and prisoners were being filed in by Daleks.

The Doctor quickly closed the door.

Ten was spinning in a chair. "Any ideas?"

Eleven sighed. "No. I found out where we are, Skaro, but I haven't got any...wait, wait, wait!"

All the Doctors looked up.

"Well?" asked Six.

"This is a TARDIS. I can use it for the getaway."

Ten raised his hand. "Are you seeing a console of any kind? How are we going to fly this if there's no console?"

Eleven thought for a moment. "We could do a scan," he said quietly.

Ten scoffed. "I think of THAT in a few hundred years? Scanning a TARDIS would take...nearly a thousand years!"

Eleven smiled. "Exactly. Two, scan. Press the button for thirty seconds. EXACTLY THIRTY."

He continued talking over the buzz of the sonic screwdriver. "After the scan is initiated after the first thirty seconds, it becomes a permanent sub-routine in the device, always running, even after leaving the environment. Using the screwdriver for other purposes doesn't stop it either. So..."

He pulled out his sonic and looked at the readings. "Scan complete. This way."

He walked through another door.

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