Adventure of Above

Meet Shiny, a blue fish with a dream. Shiny dreams about the upper world, about people, about life. What happens when she finds a magical being that can transport her into the upper world, and into the unknown. . .


4. White room.

White room.

          I woke up and looked around, and I saw I was in a white room. Where was the water? I got up and started walking around, studying the sides of the room. Wait, what?! I was Walking?! I looked down and screamed when I saw I no longer had a fin and tail, but two human legs! I looked around, and sure enough I was completely human. What was going on? I started to panic, wobbling my way around the room, looking for a door. Then I found one, a big blue door with a golden handle. How had I not noticed it before? I was just about to press down on it with an unsteady hand- hand! Okay, now I am officially freaking out!- when a voice called behind me.


" Wait! I'm sorry I'm late!" I pressed my hand against the door and turned myself around. A weird human-fish humanoid started coming toward me, and she - he?- was breathing hard. As she came closer, I confirmed that it was in fact a she, and she was glowing. Literally glowing. Then another figure appeared. I stared at the scared looking figure. When she saw me, she literally freaked out, but she couldn't be more freaked out than I was. I mean, here I was with a human-/fish, myself,and I. " Shhh! Calm down, It's okay." Soothes the fish-like creature.


" My name is Maisy, and I guard the path to your above world self. You both come from two different worlds, but I'm afraid the Destiny Council must have made a mistake, for your destiny's are not right at the moment. We'll see how you each do in the other worlds." Oh, well that explains it. Not! But Maisy doesn't say anymore. She raises her fins/ arms and in a flash I find myself in a meadow surrounded by flowers, the sounds of human voices calling nearby.


Okay, let me get this strait: I'm supposed to be a fish, but my destiny is wrong, meaning I'm now here on human land while my other half is underwater, and I don't know what my name is supposed to be, nor do I know anyone here. Just great.

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