Adventure of Above

Meet Shiny, a blue fish with a dream. Shiny dreams about the upper world, about people, about life. What happens when she finds a magical being that can transport her into the upper world, and into the unknown. . .


3. An idea.



          "Were is mom and dad? Will they ever come back?" That was all my brother would ask, and that was all any of us thought, as we swam away from our familiar town out into the rest of the dark, black sea. We had been swimming for a few sea hours and that's all he could say, and for the millionth time I wished to tell him just shut up and be quiet, or at least say something else. Maybe even a few encouraging words, but I didn't have the heart to. My sister kept looking at my hurt fin, which was now stinging just mildly, and once I even heard her mumble a few curse words to herself, and wished that she would just forgive herself already! After all, it wasn't all her fault, was it? Maybe she was just blaming herself for all this because she was the oldest.


But that wasn't fair! Its that dumb ships fault! One day I was going to get even with it, one way or another! "Its not your fault." She just nodded, not about to give up on the fact that it was her fault I got hurt. Even though it wasn't all her fault. I was now getting really cranky really fast and kept hoping to find something familiar that was still cheery and happy, something to lighten the mood, then I finally saw it. My best friend, Baywash, was coming back from a trip with her cousin, and hadn't been their when the stupid ship had destroyed destroyed everything.


Even though I dreaded telling her what happened to her parents, as they had been taken up in the net just like ours, it was still a relief to see something so familiar still so happy, and Fin and Bubbles seemed to lighten up in mood a little too. But just a bit. The feeling didn't last long though. As soon as she saw us, Baywash knew something was wrong, and swam right over faster than I had ever saw her swim before. " What's wrong? Your hurt! Are you going to be okay? GIRL!!!! WHAT HAPPENED?!" It took a whole sea minute to get her calmed down enough to tell her what happened, and by the time we were done she was frozen in horror. 


Then, Bubbles looked at me, " Shiny, I think I have an idea. Remember great grandma's corral?" I thought for a bit, then I remembered. " Yea." She tilted her fin to the right. " Well, I think that if we can find it, we might be able to get help. I can take Baywash and fin through the gullies, you go the volcano tops. One of us will get their first." She finished with a sigh. " Sounds like a good idea." I said, I could use some lone time.

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