The Light of Soul Mates

// The Light of Soul Mates- A red light that appears on yours and your soul mates' chest, glowing for at least five seconds. The only way to experience this moment is if you and your soul mate are both alone, so there is always a small chance you have already met your soul mate, you may just not know it yet. //


// due to the fact that it has a 1k word minimum, i could not write the entire description on this, so therefore it is on the first and second page \\



Soul mates may sound easy to find, after all whenever you meet the face to face, and have that small moment alone in a room where your eyes finally get to meet, a faint red light will appear, glowing onto yours and your soul mates chest for only five seconds at the most. People who have met their soul mates and experienced the feeling of the light and seeing it with their own eyes, have said it felt amazing, the best feeling you could have ever imagined... But it's actually hard to find soul mates nowadays. Most people wonder where exactly their soul mates are at some point of their life. Where they could be in this world, what they could be doing...


Harry Styles is one of those people. 


When Harry was younger, around the age of seven or eight, he would always brag to his friends that his 'soul mate would be a billionaire," as they would more than likely be working as an 'astronaut.'


"What exactly is a soul mate?" his friends would ask with curiosity on their faces.


"How do you know this?" they would ask with their eyebrows curving.


"My grandpa told me, he said when your old enough to actually love a person and actually understand what love and soul mates are, when you meet yours, a red thingy will appear on yours and your soul mates chest when your face to face or something like that."


"A red thingy?" They asked, confused.


"Yep, he said it was called..." he paused for a moment to think of what exactly the red thing was called that appeared, but then it popped into his mind, "Oh yeah! It's called, The Light of Soul Mates, I'm pretty sure."




And then, there's people like Louis Tomlinson, who could care less about soul mates.


"When are you going to grow up and explore the world and find your soul mate?" His mother said, bashing him, "You're eighteen now, for God's sake!"


"Soul mates aren't real." He simply said. "If they were, I still wouldn't give a damn.


"They are too," his mother said, "You just have to meet the right person at the right time. And when you do, you will never forget that moment." She paused for a moment, "Maybe you have already met your soul mate. You just never expected it to be them, could be the last person on your list.."


"Oh bloody hell, mother. I'm tired of hearing this 'soul mate' bullshit. I'm going out." He said as he grabbed his coat and walked out of the front door.


Little did Louis know his mother was right, while he was very much wrong.

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