The Light of Soul Mates

// The Light of Soul Mates- A red light that appears on yours and your soul mates' chest, glowing for at least five seconds. The only way to experience this moment is if you and your soul mate are both alone, so there is always a small chance you have already met your soul mate, you may just not know it yet. //


// due to the fact that it has a 1k word minimum, i could not write the entire description on this, so therefore it is on the first and second page \\





"Give me my phone back." I commanded once we walked out of the classroom's door. "Please." I said with a more quiet voice when I noticed I was being rather loud.


Louis stopped in his tracks and turned around, his friends walked a few more steps before doing the same. "Or what?" Louis said as he raised an eyebrow at me, "Are you going to run home and tell your mum on me?"


I shrugged. Main reason I needed my phone back was because of my mum, this was my first actual phone, and me losing it and not even having it for a year would piss her off. But of course, I didn't let Louis know that. "Please, just give it back." I begged, trying to change the subject including my mum.


Louis let out a small laugh, "I don't need to be wasting my time on piece of shits like you, anyways." He said in a harsh tone before taking my phone back out of his pocket and dropping it on the floor--on the hard school floor. I quickly rushed to pick it up, only to be kicked in the stomach by Louis himself. I let out a small moan of pain, before Louis began laughing once again, along with his friends. "You're pathetic." He spat at me before turning back around and walking down the hallway while Lucas and Zayn followed quickly behind. Once I gathered my stuff, I made sure to go the opposite direction.




I waited until I was almost home before I checked my phone. It had a crack on it and, of course, a few scratches as well. The crack was at the top of the screen, and the scratches weren't as noticeable. "Dammit," I whispered to myself before putting the now cracked phone back into my pocket.


I walked to my porch and opened my front door. My mum and sister welcomed me as usual whenever I entered the house. I greeted them with a smile and a 'hello' before making my way up the stairs and into my room, and i did my regular stuff--homework, shower, bed, and then school in the morning. A routine I've had since I started elementary. 




Next Day, First Block - around 8:05 AM. Gym class.


I sat on the bleachers of my gym class. We never do anything in this class, we get grades just for showing up and dressing in gym-like clothes. It was my least favorite class of all time. I had no friends. I knew absolutely no one in this class.


I was picking at my fingernails, waiting for the teacher to take the row call. I looked at my phone--my now cracked phone. It was 8:07, I was just about to put my phone back into my pocket when Mr. Peters began to speak, "Styles, put that phone up! You know the 'No Phones Allowed' policy in this school!" He said strictly. I noticed someone next to him, I couldn't make out his or hers face out since I was so high up on the bleachers. A new foreign exchange student, maybe?


"Sorry," I said, apologizing as I put my phone up. My eyes focused on the person that stood next to Mr. Peters, but my eyesight wasn't the best after all.


"Anyways," Mr. Peters continued, "We have a new student joining our class for personal reasons that he had to leave his other first block. His name is Louis." My eyes widen when I heard the name Louis. Please not Tomlinson. Please not Tomlinson.


Mr. Peters looked over at Louis and whispered to him before walking away and leaving LOuis standing in front of the bleachers, where the thirty of us gym students sat. His eyes scanned over all of us, from the preppy girls, to the nerds, to the gothics, to the jocks, and then to the loner that was me. Although not being able to make out which Louis this was in this school, I could see his head turning towards every single person on the bleachers. I saw the way it scanned us all, and how he stopped on me. He began to jog up the bleachers, he stopped a few times to chat with some people, but then he continued to walk towards the back...towards me. And when he came to a fair distance, I saw that it was indeed the Louis Tomlinson walking up towards me with a smirk on his face.

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