The Light of Soul Mates

// The Light of Soul Mates- A red light that appears on yours and your soul mates' chest, glowing for at least five seconds. The only way to experience this moment is if you and your soul mate are both alone, so there is always a small chance you have already met your soul mate, you may just not know it yet. //


// due to the fact that it has a 1k word minimum, i could not write the entire description on this, so therefore it is on the first and second page \\






"Do you still believe in soul mates?" Niall asked me as he picked up his milk carton and took a sip.


"Of course," I quickly replied. He wasn't shocked at all at my fast reply, he knew I believed deep in soul mates since I was a little kid. I do admit, I was quite a bragger on how big and tough mine would be and how famous they would be.


"Just wondering," Niall said as he laid his milk aside, "We haven't talked about it in forever since, you know, you and Lucas broke up."


I choked on my milk, coughed for a second, and then laid it back down on my tray. "I do very much believe in them still. Lucas was nothing to me at all, we had no connection, and I never once felt like he was my soul mate."


"That's not what you told us, Mr. 'Oh he's my soul mate, we just haven't experienced the light yet because we're always surrounded by people."' Liam said in a mocking tone, budding into our conversation.


"Shut up, things change. I thought he was the one, but he's just an asshole like all the rest in this school." I said, rolling my eyes.


Lucas was a guy in my math class. We sat next to each other, wrote notes to each other like elementary school girls, and flirted constantly. He was exactly like me, but we were different on certain things, like how he lied football while I liked basketball. I over thought a lot over everything, and Lucas didn't think twice before anything. We dated for six months before he cheated on me with a guy named Marcus.


"Soul mates just aren't for me," I continued.


"I thought you believed in them?" Niall asked, "Because I literally just asked you and you agreed quickly."


I laughed, "I know, I know. I do.. I just think that no one was made for me."


"Don't let Lucas change your mind on soul mates, he's just a fucking jerk!" Liam exclaimed. 


"I'm not changing my mind on it, I just generally believe no one was made for me, like I said. Lucas wasn't the first to cheat on me or leave me." I shrugged at the thought of the boys I dated before Lucas, "I'm just so desperate in finding my soul mate, but the more I try the more I lose. It's leading me closer to reality, to the point where I know that for some reason, God didn't make me a soul mate... Like he kind of forgotten about me or something." I said with a sigh.


But do I still believe in soul mates?



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