The Light of Soul Mates

// The Light of Soul Mates- A red light that appears on yours and your soul mates' chest, glowing for at least five seconds. The only way to experience this moment is if you and your soul mate are both alone, so there is always a small chance you have already met your soul mate, you may just not know it yet. //


// due to the fact that it has a 1k word minimum, i could not write the entire description on this, so therefore it is on the first and second page \\



Harry Styles is a seventeen year old boy who is tall and very loving. School is his top priority, and he is what some people may call a 'nerd.' He doesn't have much friends besides two-- Niall and Liam. He believes there is such things as soul mates and that The Light of Soul Mates is very much true.---but he is slowly running out of hope that he himself has a soul mate.


Louis Tomlinson is the school's jock. He's eighteen years old, and doesn't give a damn if soul mates are real or not. He's popular and hot and he knows it, so having a soul mate is the last thing on his mind--that is if it's even on his mind at all.


Louis and Harry are two different people from two very different crowds.


To Harry, Louis is nothing more than a bully who has a different girl in his bed every night.


To Louis, Harry is nothing but a nerd who will never grow up.


But what they both have in common is that they have not found their soul mate... Yet.


//due to the fact that Movellas only allows one thousand words I could not fit it on the description\\

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