Internet Best Friends

I'm writing this story about how happy Girls are when they finally get to meet there Internet best friends. My best friend who I call my sister, her name is Samantha and she lives in Wisconsin. I have always dreamed about meeting her in person and this book I'm writing is about my dream of finally meeting her and hugging her, and hanging out with Samantha. My name is Emma and I live in Maine, I'm 17 and she is 13. (I love her even tho she's young).


3. The plane trip

   My family's car was all packed up and we were ready to go. 

I got my pillow and put it next to me in my seat. I buckeled my seat belt to be safe. "Alright! I'm already!" I said to my dad. Then my dad started up the car and began driving down the road. As we were driving, I dug into my jacket pocket and got out my iPod and headphones an started listening to music. I was scrolling through my music playlist and found one direction's four album and hit the play button on the first song. I had the volume of my one direction music half way up. 

The drive to the airport was a long drive. We were almost at they airport when it started to rain. When we finally got to the airport my family and I had gathered our bags and begun to walk into the huge building. I followed my father to the 'get your bags and items checked' line. We all got everything checked out and nothing bad happened, everything was good. As soon as we were done with bag check, we took our items and walked over to get airplane tickets. I was so happy this was happening. The minute we got our airplane tickets, we waited about fifteen minutes or so for the next plane for Wisconsin. I was watching through the window the whole time just waiting for that airplane. Next thing you know, the airplane is finally ready for people to board it. My family and I gathered our bags and walked through the tunnel to board the airplane. We soon took our seats and stuffed our bags into the compartments. Next thing we knew the airplane was closed up and was traveling along the runway to take off into the sky. Soon I felt the airplane lift intimate the sky and fly through the sky. It would only take a day to fly to the airport in Wisconsin. The plane trip seemed long but there was a lot of relaxing happening. I  Just watched a movie on my iPod and once in awhile I'd look at the Map on the screen that was attached to the back of the seat infront of me. It was a nice and quiet airplane trip to the Wisconsin AirPort. I was just really excited about finally getting to the airport. Airports are always busy. 




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