Internet Best Friends

I'm writing this story about how happy Girls are when they finally get to meet there Internet best friends. My best friend who I call my sister, her name is Samantha and she lives in Wisconsin. I have always dreamed about meeting her in person and this book I'm writing is about my dream of finally meeting her and hugging her, and hanging out with Samantha. My name is Emma and I live in Maine, I'm 17 and she is 13. (I love her even tho she's young).


1. Intro to the story

  My name is Emma and I live with my family in Maine. 

I have this best friend who I call my sister that lives in a different state than me but still in the U.S. I love her. Her names Samantha but I like to call her Sammy. I have been chatting with Sammy for a really long time, it's been two or three years now. I don't remember the very first day we met but we have been such good friends. 

Sammy and I have had loads of conversations over instant messaging and we DM each other a lot over Twitter. I think they very first time we facetimed, we were both a bit nervous and we did that thing that couples do where they keep texting each other saying things like "you call first" no "you call first" and so on. I might of been the own to FaceTime her first. That's when Sammy and I really met. From there we started a good confer and a great friendship. 

 The very next day I wasn't sure if she would respond to me if I tried to call her again so I texted her over instant message. When I unlocked my iPad to talk to Sammy, I had seen she had left me three unread messages. I laughed a bit at that. I had quickly responded back saying "I wasn't sure if you'd actually continue talking to me because I wasn't sure how this would turn out." Sammy texted me back saying "i thought if I texted you first you might respond back. You seem like a nice girl." From there on we had started a interesting conversation just trying to get to know each other. If I remember correctly we had facetimed for the second time the second day of meeting each other because we both seemed like good girls. 


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